August 2012

Summer Olympic Games

for Your Pet

In honor of the Summer Games, which are running from July 27 to August 12 in London, we've got a few Olympic-inspired ideas to help keep your pet in shape even in the summer heat. And don't miss our fun facts and stories on pets and sports!

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Olympic Fitness Fun

Your pet might not be an Olympic athlete, but your furry friend can still enjoy some Olympian-like workouts to stay in shape this summer.

  • Living Room Slalom - Take a page from the exciting Canoe Slalom and hold a slalom-like event in your own living room. Entice your pet to bob and weave around the furniture in a fast game of chase.

  • The Jump Up - Did you know that Trampoline is an Olympic event? Some gymnasts can jump as high as 33 feet! Get your pet jumping by holding up a treat or toy and see how high he or she can go.

  • Synchronized Swim - If your pet's a swimmer, take a dip in the pool together and see if you can create a routine that rivals the swim dancers of the Olympics. Kick, twirl, and have fun together!

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Recently Fetched

Kruti P. responded to our call in last month's newsletter for stories about your first pet by posting this cute picture of Pepper to our Facebook wall. Pepper can always be counted on to race and greet Kruti at the front door after a long day at work.

Pet Speak: A Customer's Story*

“My Border Collie-Retriever mix is young and healthy, but she sometimes gets cuts on her paw pads from our active lifestyle. I got ASPCA Pet Health Insurance after spending several hundred dollars on vet visits to check out her injured paws. I later found a lump on her tongue. It was benign, but I was glad not to worry about how I would pay for treatment. I could focus on making the best medical decision for her, rather than the cost.”

— Veronica K., St. Paul, MO

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Going for Gold

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance member and aptly named pup Apollo will be watching as his pet daddy Tony Azevedo goes for gold as part of the US men's water polo team. Preliminary rounds started on July 31 and we wish him the best! Read our Q&A with Mr. Azevedo here.

Athletic Pet Records

The most tennis balls a dog was able to hold in his mouth was 5, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Now that's a mouthful! Here are a few slightly more athletic records:

  • You may know dogs who like to play with Frisbees, but we doubt they could match the record of catching and holding 7 separately thrown flying discs.

  • How many dogs do you think can skip rope at once? The record is 13! The talented canines who pulled off this stunt are the stars of a circus in Japan.

  • Whether it's up on the counter or onto your guests, lots of pets enjoy jumping. The highest recorded jump was made by a Greyhound at 68 inches.

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