December 2012

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Happy howl-idays
to you and your pet!

The holidays are upon us, and so are the cold winter months. We want to wish you and your pet a happy holiday season, plus offer some cold weather tips for your furry friend.

Cold Weather Pet Tips

It's cold outside, but these tips can help keep your pet healthy and safe in spite of the chill.

For cats:
  • Keep your cat inside if possible, since felines can freeze, get lost, or suffer injuries outdoors in the cold.

  • Antifreeze has a sweet taste cats tend to like. Help avoid an accidental poisoning by cleaning spills or leaks.

  • Cats love sleeping in warm places. Prevent burns by protecting your cat from fireplaces, stoves and heaters.

For dogs:
  • Wipe off your dog after being outdoors to remove salt and other chemicals that can be harmful if licked and ingested. Also consider using pet-safe de-icing salt.

  • Trim longhaired dogs to avoid ice and salt clinging to them, but don't go too short or they might get chilly.

  • Consider a coat or sweater, especially for shorthaired pups, to help retain body heat and prevent dry skin.

Also, be sure to offer a nutritious diet with plenty of protein to help make sure your furry friend's coat and health are in top shape. For more tips, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our pet safety website.

Does your pet have a sweet holiday sweater? Post a photo of your pet showing off his or her wooly best on our Facebook wall.

Recently Fetched

In last month's newsletter, we asked "What are pets thankful for?" We got great answers on our Facebook wall, including homemade treats, a good neck scratching, and this fun one:

“My Scottie, Brianna, gives thanks that we will take the time to toss her favorites, a plush hamburger and plush carrot, so she can play catch!”

— Barbara B.

Pet Speak: A Customer's Story*

“It was during the holiday season that we decided to open our home to a shelter dog. The volunteer brought in a Lab mix, and there was an instant connection that was truly special. In reality, Coco picked us!

Coco changed our lives, and we changed hers. We planned on giving her coverage and turned to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. They genuinely care for our four-legged family member.”

— Frank D., Green Bay, WI

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Let your pet in on holiday fun!

Holidays are for all of your family members to enjoy — even the furry ones. Here are a few suggestions to include your pet:

  • Put your pet on your gift list. Maybe an interactive toy for kitty? Or a special treat for pup? See more ideas below.

  • Give your pet a safe and yummy holiday feast, like small bits of white turkey and plain cooked sweet potatoes.

  • If you're planning a holiday family portrait, get your pet in the shot, too. (In a holiday sweater perhaps?)

You can find more ways to celebrate the holidays safely with your pet on our "Howlidays are here again" Pinterest board.

Pet Wish List

You've already given your pet the gift of protection, now how about some other great gifts from the ASPCA® online store?

  1. Warm up your pup with an
    I Heart ASPCA tee.
  2. Entertain your kitty with a Kitty Lure Caster.
  3. Test your dog's smarts with the I Qube II.
  4. Let your cat rock out with a DJ Cat Scratching pad.
  5. Treat your pet to some Doggy Donuts.

The best part is that your purchases support our friends at the ASPCA!

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