June 2012

Celebrate the bond we share with pets through film.

June 19 is National Pets in Film Day, which was created to promote compassion for animals. So what better time to talk about pets and movies? Grab your popcorn and read on!

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Pet Movie Trivia

Cats and dogs have been on the big and small screens since the early days. Here's some interesting trivia on a few of Hollywood's popular furry stars.

Lassie's a Lad

Although Lassie was a girl in the TV series and movies, this heroic pup was actually played by a boy named Pal. Male collies tend to have thicker coats, which look better on camera.

Mr. Bigglesworth's Breed

In the Austin Powers movies, Dr. Evil's famous feline Mr. Bigglesworth was a Sphynx cat. The Sphynx is considered a hairless breed and is known to love cuddling for warmth.

Many Marleys

The touching film Marley and Me covers 14 years in the life of the title dog. To make the film, the director used yellow labs at different ages to play him – 22 in all!

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Pet Speak: A Customer's Story*

“My dog Miley is 6 and would love to be a star someday! She's been covered by ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for about 3 years, and for what I pay a month, it has more than paid for itself. Everyone is always nice and helpful. I tell everyone about it. Thank you for protecting my beautiful girl!”

— Lydia K., Nyack, NY

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Should your pet watch TV?

Some pets don't care what's on, but others lap it up. There are even movies just for pets and a DogTV channel. Whether TV is good or bad for pets hasn't been proven, but some believe it may be useful to:

  • Lessen separation anxiety. The lights and noises from the TV may provide a distressed pet with some comfort and help them adjust to being home alone.

  • Fight boredom. Shelter and indoor pets who can't get outside may benefit from a little tube time to keep them entertained.

  • Reduce bad behavior. Because it can decrease boredom and anxiety, TV time may keep your pet out of trouble while you're out of the house.

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