November 2012

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'Tis the season
to be thankful
— for our pets!

We change their litter, walk them when it's cold and rainy, and clean up the occasional accident or hairball
- all because we love and appreciate them. Here are reasons to be thankful for our pets plus some tips to include your pet safely in your Thanksgiving feast.

Why we're thankful for our pets...

There are lots of reasons to thank our pets, including these three that topped our list:

  1. They make us feel good. What's better than an enthusiastic greeting or a cozy cuddle on the couch? Unconditional love from our pets brightens our lives and boosts our well-being.
  2. They help our health. Research demonstrates that pets can help combat depression, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.* Learn more in our February 2012 newsletter.
  3. They crack us up. From sleeping in strange positions to making silly faces, pets can be good at giving us a laugh — sometimes just when we need one.

You'll find some photographic evidence of #3 on our Facebook Wall (especially on "Tagline Tuesday!"). Feel free to add your own!

What better way to show your pets how much you appreciate them than to shower them with love, affection and treats! Enter this month's sweepstakes on Facebook to win a special gift for your dog or cat from the ASPCA®'s online store. Enter now!

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Recently Fetched

Kumori wasn't a happy panda this Halloween, but he did make us smile. See more fun photos of cute and spooky pets who joined our virtual Halloween party on Facebook.

Pet Speak: A Customer's Story**

“Let me tell you some things about Bubbles: He likes to move his water bowl around, he loves to chase grasshoppers, he loves to perch on the window sill, and he has a tiny purr, but a big heart.

The first time I saw him, he ran up to my front door, clearly expressing that he belonged here. I let him in, and he quickly found a basket of bath towels and went to sleep — as if he'd come home.

From that point on, it's been one mishap after another with adventurous Bubbles. No wonder I'm thrilled to have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for this endearing, but accident-prone cat! ”

— Maureen C., Richmond, VA

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What are pets thankful for?

We can't know what goes on in their heads for sure, but pets are probably thankful for:

  • Messy eaters who drop tasty snacks

  • Clothes just out of the dryer to snuggle in

  • TV when it's tuned to Animal Planet

  • Those days the vacuum doesn't come out

  • The moment when you come home

What do you think your pet's thankful for? Tell us on Facebook.

Safe Thanksgiving Eating

Thanksgiving isn't just about giving thanks — it's also about eating! But be careful your pet doesn't eat something harmful.

For instance, avoid giving your cat or dog raw or undercooked turkey, fatty foods, or real bones that can splinter. And, of course, desserts like chocolate are off limits.

But that doesn't mean your pet has to be left out of the feast! It's safe to offer your pet a bit of white turkey meat without skin or small pieces of raw carrots or green beans.

Learn more about keeping your pet safe during the holidays. And remember, if your pet does get into a jam over Thanksgiving, your plan can help you afford needed veterinary care.

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*Sources: Karen Allen, Hypertension, 2001; Erika Friedmann, American Journal of Cardiology, 1995 and 2003; M. Orlandi, Anticancer Research, 2007; Curtis L. Fritz, Psychological Reports, 1996

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