September 2012

September is

National Pet Health Insurance Month!

To celebrate, we dug up some uncommon claim examples in common claim categories. These kinds of incidents remind us of why we need to protect our pets in the first place! We've also got a sneak peek at what it's like to work at our pet-friendly office.

Uncommon Claim Examples in Common Categories

Pets have a way of finding themselves in some strange situations. Luckily, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is here to help!

Swallowed Objects

From dirty socks to TV remotes, it's perplexing what pets put in their mouths.

Whiffle Balls • Soap Bars • Corn Dog Sticks

Accidental Poisonings

Turns out licking a frog does not turn anyone into a prince.

Poison Frogs • Paint Chips • Cough Drops

Animal Run-Ins

Some animals are anything but a dog's best friend.

Coyotes • Snakes • Porcupines


The unexpected? We've seen it all.

Fish Hook in Lip • Foxtail in Eye • Grass in Nose

Critter Bites

“When Scorpions Attack” sounds like the name of a new reality TV show.

Possums • Squirrels • Scorpions

What's the zaniest reason your pet had to visit the vet?

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Recently Fetched

We asked our Facebook friends, "In the Olympics, my pet would compete in & win ____." Top answers included laser chasing, shoe hurdles, and lying on the couch all day, but our favorite was this photo of the Dachshund swim relay.

The Olympics may be over, but you can still share your pet's athletic talent with us on Facebook.

Pet Speak: A Customer's Story*

“Lulu is a very busy, very curious 3-year-old dog. The third day after we brought her home, she stepped on a wasp and became lethargic. After that trip to the hospital, I got her pet insurance. Since then, she's been through two incidents from mouse poison, two cases of pink eye, and blastomycosis, which was expensive to treat.

The insurance meant we didn't have to wipe out our savings to treat Lulu, and never had to consider putting her down. She's now considered cured, and I've moved her up to the next plan level to give us the most coverage in case something ever comes up again.”

— Amelia P., Madison, NJ

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A Peek Behind the Scenes

Our office is filled with pet lovers who enjoy helping pet parents. It's also filled with our furry friends! Schelie K., who works for our dedicated Customer Satisfaction Department, shared her thoughts on working here:

“The atmosphere is great, especially since we can take our pets to work. I also love working with customers. Pet people are so caring and compassionate.

They've taught me a lot, too. I've learned about breeds I never knew existed and heard fascinating stories about how pets can impact our lives, like therapy dogs who can sense when their pet parents are having a seizure. Amazing!

Having pet insurance for my pets has also helped me. When I got a $1,200 bill for an emergency visit to the vet, it was a relief to know that a good portion would be reimbursed. Cheers to pet insurance!”

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