January 2012

Shape Up with Your Pet

Lots of people resolve to get in shape in the New Year, but let's not forget our pets! Not only do they need exercise, they can make fun workout buddies too. We've got some ideas to burn calories with your pet plus some indoor games to beat the winter blues.

Before starting a new exercise routine for your pet, you may want to consult with your veterinarian or schedule a check-up. If you have our Level 3 or 4 plan, a yearly exam is covered.

Get Fit with Fido

It may be chilly outside, but there are plenty of ways to exercise inside with your dog. Get your heart rates up by running around the house together using a toy or ball as motivation. For an upper body workout, try an energetic game of tug-of-war.

Aerobicize with Kitty

Interactive games can get you and your cat moving. Try attaching a string to your belt loop and encourage your cat to chase you from room to room. To work your arms, tie a cat toy securely to a ruler and move it up and down for your cat to jump after.

Be careful your pet doesn't chew apart and swallow any toys or strings after you're done. But remember, if an accident does happen, we can help you manage the veterinary bills.

We've got some more ideas to exercise with your pet at our blog.

Pet Speak: A Customer's Story*

"I want to thank you for providing fast and friendly service. We have 5 pets and pay a very reasonable monthly fee because we can opt for the plan that we think fits our needs and budget best.

Every time I've called, your representatives have been kind and compassionate. This has never been as true as when I had to call to cancel the policy for our dog who did not survive cancer. The fact that your employees understand the stress that accompanies pet emergencies means a lot to me too."

— Carla G., Harrisburg, PA

Indoor Fun

Chase away winter doldrums with fun indoor pet activities like these:

  • Create a pet playground with discarded gift boxes and wrapping paper.

  • Play hide and seek with your pet by hiding treats around the house.

  • Practice a new trick, like speaking, shaking hands, or rolling over.

  • Give your pet a treat dispensing toy to knock around the house.

  • Throw a small ball across the room for a good old fashioned game of fetch.

And don't forget one of the best ways to warm up on a cold day — a good, long cuddle with your furry friend.

Add a Pet
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It's exciting to bring home a new pet for the holidays, but of course it's a big responsibility too. To help protect all of the furry members in your family, we offer a 10% multiple pet discount. Just call 1-866-204-6764 to add a new pet to your plan.

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Smoking and Pets

If you resolved to quit smoking this year, you're also doing something great for your pet's health! Second hand smoke can irritate your pet's nose and sinuses, and has been linked to cancer in pets. Learn more at the ASPCA's blog.

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