January 2013

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Our own New Year's resolutions have such an unfortunate habit of fading fast that we thought we'd consider instead what our pets would wish for in 2013. Here are a few of our ideas, and you can tell us your own in our "One Wish" contest.

  • Heaps of quality time — The top of the list for most pets has to be more belly rubs, behind the ear scratches, games of fetch and warm cuddles on the couch.

  • More tasty treats — Unlike some of us humans, pets probably aren't resolving to lose weight in the New Year! Lucky for them, treats are OK if kept in moderation.

  • No more vacuums — Most pets would probably be relieved not to see this scary noise machine ever again, and we doubt they'd mind living with the dust bunnies.

So what's your pet's one wish for the New Year? Share it with us on Facebook, and you could win a pack full of prizes from the ASPCA® Online Store, courtesy of the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program. Enter now!

Sweepstakes ends Feb. 6, 2013. No purchase necessary. See official rules.

Schedule your pet's exam.

Don't forget to set up your pet's annual wellness visit for this year. Regular check-ups can uncover health issues earlier and help give your pet a better prognosis. If your plan includes wellness coverage, a yearly exam is covered! View your plan details at the Member Center.

Recently Fetched

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Silly Sweater Party last month! We've gathered some great pictures of adorable pets decked out in their winter best. For instance, this one of ChuChi looking fabulous and showing off his "howliday" spirit:

Pet Speak: A Customer's Story*

“I had debated getting insurance for my dogs, Prince and Clara, for some time. I knew from hard experience that even a short visit to an emergency clinic could cost $1,000 or more, so I finally decided to cover both dogs.

Nothing happened for over a year, but then Clara had two illnesses and cut her leg on a piece of ice while playing in the snow. After that, Prince needed surgery to remove a benign growth. The cost of these episodes totaled over $2,500, but a good portion was reimbursed. I am very glad I have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance!”

— Chris R., Indianapolis, IN

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Beat the winter blues!

Don't let the long winter months get your pet down. Try these tips to give your furry friend a boost:

  • Even if it's chilly, it's still great to take your dog outside for some exercise.

  • Indoor cat? Crack the window slightly to let your kitty get a breath of fresh air.

  • Don't leave those interactive toys lying around. Pick them up and have fun with your pet.

  • Play an energetic indoor game to get your pet moving, like fetch, chase or tug-of-war.

  • Invite your pet to curl up with you on the couch or by the fire for a nice cuddle.

And of course, a little extra love and attention is sure to drive away your pet's winter blues!

Is your pet overweight?

The best way to find out if your pet needs a New Year's resolution to lose weight is to ask your veterinarian during an exam. You can also look your pet over at home:

  1. Gently run your fingers over your pet's ribs and spine. You should be able to feel them easily.
  2. Look down at your dog or cat from above. Your pet shouldn't have a bulge at the waist.
  3. View your pet from the side. The belly shouldn't be protruding or hanging down.

You can learn more about weight issues and your cat or your dog at the ASPCA's website. If you have any concerns about your pet's health, contact your veterinarian.

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