January 2011

All through the year, we get flooded with emails and letters from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance pet parents who tell us about times when their pets suffered sudden illnesses or unexpected accidents. Even in the midst of worrisome situations, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance was there to help with part of the veterinary bills.

As we ring in the New Year together, let's take a look back at some of the stories we received in 2010. They're a touching reminder of the loving bond between pet parents and their pets, and we're so glad we could be there to protect the furry members of these families.


A Look Back: Top 5 Customer Stories of 2010

Because accidents happen

"My Bullmastiff, Beatrice, is very inquisitive so I was careful to remove all potential hazards from the house—or so I thought! But one day I came home to find the living room covered with pillow stuffing. Beatrice had demolished three throw pillows. She started vomiting, and I rushed her to the veterinarian who recommended X-rays. I knew it would be costly, but I went ahead anyway. Luckily, Beatrice didn't have an obstruction, only a belly full of stuffing that passed without surgery. I submitted a claim, and it was promptly covered. Truly, anytime I've had to file a claim, it was a breeze. Your staff is very caring and getting ASPCA Pet Health insurance was one of the best doggie decisions I made."

—Sara S., Henderson, Nev.

A helping hand when illness strikes

"We have a lively 3-year-old Calico cat named Tess, who has been covered since we brought her home from a local shelter. One day she got very sick, so we took her to the veterinarian. Over the next few weeks, Tess had more tests and X-rays than we could count, but we wanted to do whatever the veterinarian recommended so we could help her. I'll admit that each time we entered the veterinarian's office, I said a silent 'thank you' that we had your insurance. Tess is now her energetic self again, and we're so grateful to our veterinarians and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance!"

—Elizabeth O., Fisherville, Va.


Keeping pets in good health

"Our Westie, Dorothy, hasn't had any major medical problems, but ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has been extremely helpful with the costs of her check-ups, special visits to the veterinarian for infections, sprains, and itching as well as needed medications. You make it very easy to file a claim, and replies are prompt and clearly explained. We also feel that Dorothy is not simply a numbered client, but someone whose health you're genuinely interested in. We're certainly glad we chose ASPCA Pet Health Insurance."

—Bob K., Flint, Mich.

Support for emergency care

"Our beloved 9-year-old Lab mix needed surgery for gastric bloat. He survived the surgery, but sadly died two months later from an intestinal twist. The cost for treating these incidents far exceeded $5,000, and we didn't have pet insurance to fall back on. Our veterinarian recommended ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, so we enrolled our next pet, a rescued Weimaraner, right away. Thank goodness we did because Buddy was bitten by a rattlesnake without warning while we were out hiking. We rushed him to an emergency animal hospital where the doctors were able to save him. His treatment cost thousands of dollars, but this time we were covered. Without ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, the expense would have put a huge strain on our budget."

—James L., Berlin, N.H.


Care into the golden years

"I adopted a 10-year-old service dog after his 'working years' with a woman who used a wheelchair. I called ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and was delighted that you'd cover Mulligan despite his age. A year later, he suffered a gastric torsion, which required immediate surgery. I was able to agree to treatment without concern because I was confident in your coverage. Mulligan is now a happy old guy, thanks to the care he received. I recommend you for all pets, especially senior ones. Things happen, and we, as loving pet parents, don't always have unlimited resources to give our pets the extra 'golden years' they deserve."

—Carrie M., Grand Forks, Minn.

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5 Top Pet Resolutions

As you think about your own resolutions for 2011, add a few for your pets! Even small changes can have a big impact on their lives.

Here are some suggestions from our friends at the ASPCA.®

1. Schedule a check-up.

An annual visit to the veterinarian can help prevent illness. Our wellness coverage on Levels 3 and 4 covers an annual exam.

2. Brush up on dental health.

Check your pets' teeth and gums at least once a week, and talk to your veterinarian about good dental care.

3. Exercise with them.

Play chase or fetch and enjoy some time together. Dogs need 30 minutes of physical activity twice a day, while cats require at least 15 minutes of interactive playtime a day.

4. Watch their diets.

Overweight pets can be at risk for health problems. Extra weight on a pet can be comparable to a human carrying an extra 30 to 50 pounds. Cut down on treats and use a well-balanced pet food.

5. Pamper them.

Give your pets some extra love, like a good long scratch or a warm cuddle. It'll make you both feel good!

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