October 2011

October is National Pet Wellness month, so what better time to make sure your pet’s health is on track? Learn more about wellness care with our quick quiz, and don't miss our Halloween pet safety tips.

Wellness Care & Your Pet  

Proper wellness care is so important for pets, especially since they can’t verbalize how they’re feeling. Test your wellness care smarts with this quiz.

1. How often should your pet have a check-up?

a) Once a year

b) Every two years

c) Only at birth

a) The ASPCA® recommends a routine exam at least once a year. If your pet has medical issues, your veterinarian may recommend more frequent check-ups.

2. Why is a regular check-up important?

a) Identify issues early

b) Keep vaccines up-to-date

c) Both a and b

c) Regular exams can help catch illnesses when they’re more treatable and make sure your pet gets important vaccines.

3. A check-up usually includes:

a) Grooming

b) Physical exam

c) Nail clipping

b) The veterinarian should examine your pet from head to tail. You can ask for grooming or nail trimming advice, but these aren't typically part of a regular exam.

You can also print out the ASPCA's Vet Visit questionnaire to help make sure you're prepared at your pet's next wellness visit.

Remember, if you have Level 3 or 4, yearly check-ups, vaccines, and other wellness treatments are covered. View your plan for details.

Halloween Pet Safety

Help make sure Halloween isn’t a scary time for your pet by keeping these tips in mind.

  • Candy — Treats are everywhere this time of year, and many can be toxic to pets. Keep bowls of candy out of reach.

  • Costumes — Don’t dress your pet up if he or she dislikes it. If your pet doesn’t mind, be sure the costume is comfortable and safe.

  • Candles — Avoid using candles as decorations or in jack-o-lanterns. Pets can knock them over, get burned, or start a fire.

  • Collar — Be careful your pet doesn’t get out when you open the door, but if he or she does, a collar with ID tag and/or microchip can be very helpful.

Read more Halloween safety tips at the ASPCA’s website.

Did you know?

The weather may be getting cooler, but flea season isn’t over. In fact, it lasts much of the year in many states, and some have no relief year-round. Ask your veterinarian about safe flea treatments.

Rockin’ and Running with Team ASPCA

The Dodge Rock ’n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon is coming up on Oct. 30, and we’ve been training hard to run with Team ASPCA. It's not too late to support our runners and help the ASPCA reach their $1 million fundraising goal for this event. We'll even match donations, up to $5,000 total!

For more information about Team ASPCA, visit www.teamaspca.org.

Pet Speak: A Customer’s Story*  

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance really helped out when our dog Alex needed surgery to remove a toy he had swallowed. And because we have wellness care coverage, it doesn’t just help in emergencies. It also helps us pay for routine care like regular heartworm and tick/flea medication.

Thank you!

— Jane S., Ann Arbor, MI

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