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Reviews of Our Cat Insurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has helped many cat parents afford the veterinary care their furry friends needed. Here’s what some of our feline-loving customers told us:

I am always telling friends and family that it is an excellent pet insurance plan.

Jenny C.

My sister’s beloved dog was hit by a car. My sister recounted how she carried her dog, wounded and bleeding to the veterinarian’s office. It was a horrible experience, but she was grateful to have had pet insurance to help with the bills.

That made me pause and realize that my two cats weren’t insured. I shopped around and compared plans offered by a couple providers. I decided to buy an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan that covered accidents and illnesses. My plan also has coverage for chronic conditions.

Four months later, I took one of my cats to the vet for a checkup. I pointed out a small bump I’d felt on the tip of her tail. I was surprised by the doctor’s concern. It was biopsied, and I was stunned to hear it was cancer.

Our vet amputated a part of my cat’s tail, and now, years later, she’s in good health. My other cat also had a cancerous growth removed, and she’s doing well also.

I’m grateful that I didn’t have to worry about unexpected veterinary bills at these stressful times.

Grace V.

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and your compassion, attention to detail and response time.

In February, I lost my job, and in May I sadly lost my young cat to cancer. Without my pet insurance, I would not have been able to give my cat a dignified and humane end. Your team was so compassionate during my time of grief. The kind words, the beautiful card—it helped me get through that awful week.

In December, my other cat was diagnosed with a blockage. The thought of losing another young cat in the same year—around Christmas, no less—was unbearable. Because I had an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan, I took him in right away and got him the proper care he needed. Now he’s back at home and doing well!”

Thank you to all at ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. I tell every pet owner I know about you!

Cynthia D.

I had a plan with another pet insurance company and had decided to switch to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

When I took my 9-year-old cat, Midnight, to the vet for dental work and a checkup, the vet discovered a growth on his belly. I was worried it might be cancer. My veterinarian did a thorough checkup, with lab tests and blood work, plus the dental cleaning, which also meant anesthesia and an IV. I knew this was not going to be cheap. The bill was $1,368.75.

I submitted my claim, expecting the level of reimbursements I had been used to with my previous pet insurance plan. But my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan covered about 90% of the claim! I was delighted!

Shadow also did not have cancer, so I was able to start 2014 off right, with a cat in good health and the reassurance that I can keep him there thanks to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Thank you for doing a great job!

I strongly recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to everyone. I’ll also never go without it for as long as I have a pet.

Dan K.

I’m not one to give praise often, but ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has been a wonderful experience. Absolutely no surprises. Everything was paid as expected and quicker than even my own health insurance provider.

It was such a nice surprise to have a company do what they say they’ll do, without any delays or questions. I provided my vet bills and, within a week, I received detailed explanations and checks for each of the claims.

I strongly recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to everyone. I’ll also never go without it for as long as I have a pet. My cat needed surgery, and the cost was almost $1,000. I would have gone ahead with the surgery no matter what, but it sure is nice to be able to take a major event like that and make it less painful.

Pam has been lucky since then, but there is nothing like the reassurance I feel because she is covered. I will never have to choose between her health and money.

Calista M.

Pam, my indoor cat, and I live in an apartment with an alley in the back. Once Pam got out and ventured into the alley. Soon I heard a cat fight. I was so worried! Pam had been inside her whole life, I didn’t know if she would be able to defend herself.

I rushed out into the alley, and I saw Pam hissing and pushing away a huge male cat. Luckily, I got Pam inside, but she kept licking her paw, and I could see it was bleeding. We went to the vet right away, and I was told Pam needed minor surgery.

I was very nervous about how much it would cost. I’d had an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance policy for Pam, but I hadn’t used it so far. Thank goodness for that policy!

After I paid the deductible, my pet insurance plan paid about 80% of the remainder. I would have been out several hundred dollars without it, and I don’t have that kind of money.

We have the plan that’s right for you and your cat.

Keep in mind that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if no claims are covered, so you can enroll your cat today without hesitation!

While the above testimonials may include examples of recent claim payouts, reimbursement is subject to the terms and conditions of your plan. Identifying information has been changed.