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What Happens When Our Pet Insurance Renews

Cat and Dog Insurance

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain your pet's coverage. That's why we automatically renew your plan every year unless you contact us and cancel your pet insurance.

We'll let you know when your plan is about to be renewed, and when you can view it online at our free Member Center. If you didn't sign up for our "Go Paperless" option, we'll also mail you a copy of your plan. If you're a customer, you can sign up to go paperless at the Member Center.

When your plan is renewed, we'll also charge your premium using the payment method you have on file with us. You can change your payment method easily online at the Member Center anytime. We'll also charge the $10.50 annual issuance fee, unless you pay yearly in which case the fee is waived. This fee is not applicable in all states.

Keep in mind that your $100 annual deductible and per incident and annual limits reset at renewal. Also, unless you selected our Continuing Care option, illnesses or injuries that occurred in the previous plan period will not be covered in the next plan period, unless 180 days have passed since cure and last treatment.

If you don't have Continuing Care , you can add it to Level 2, 3, or 4 at renewal by calling us at 1-888-716-1203. You can also select it when you first enroll. It's a great way to enjoy uninterrupted coverage for ongoing conditions at a low price.

For more details about our coverage, please refer to your plan or see our sample plans .