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A dog’s accident

“My husky, Glen, loves to eat socks and small toys. One day he got very sick, and we took him to the emergency animal hospital. He needed to have exploratory surgery to find out what was wrong.

The veterinarian discovered that he had a cut in his stomach with a hair in it that was irritating his stomach. This was making him vomit, and he also had a parasite that had survived the deworming medication.

Glen is perfectly fine now, but ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has saved me more than $2,500! It was the best decision of my life, and all of my dogs will have this insurance.”

- Veronica J.

Trusted protection

“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a great job you guys are doing! We are very happy and pleased to have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for our 3 gorgeous Chihuahuas, all of whom we rescued from a local shelter.

Our dogs are so precious to us, and that’s why we only trust ASPCA Pet Health Insurance with their health coverage needs. You guys are the best! It’s comforting to know you have our backs.”

- Ann L.

Help when it counts

“I had a plan with another pet insurance company and had decided to switch to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. When I took my 9-year-old cat, Midnight, to the vet for dental work and a checkup, the vet discovered a growth on his belly. I was worried it might be cancer. My veterinarian did a thorough checkup, and the bill was almost $1,400.

My ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan covered about 90% of the claim! I was delighted!

Shadow also did not have cancer, so I was able to start 2014 off right, with a cat in good health and the reassurance that I can keep him there thanks to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Thank you for doing a great job!

- Cynthia D.
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NOTE: While the above testimonials may include examples of recent claims payouts, reimbursement is subject to the terms and conditions of your plan. Identifying information has been changed.