Photo Friday: Plenty of Help for Lonely Cat

“Not long after one of our two cats died of cancer, we were out of town for 10 days.  Our other cat, Fox, still wasn't used to being by himself, despite the adoring and loving attention our friends gave him during our absence.  We returned home to find that he'd stopped eating and drinking regularly while we were away.  In the course of a week, his veterinary bills amounted to $600. Thankfully, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance helped with the bill. We’re about to get a new kitty to join Fox, and we plan to insure her, too!”*

—Submitted by: An ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Pet Parent*

Photo Friday is a weekly column that showcases photos we receive from loving ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers of their pets. If you want to see your pet featured, please email me!

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Customer Stories

The niceties at the latest luxury hotels–fancy spas, turndown service and personal pampering–are pretty fetching, but some of the special treats might surprise you.

Walks, biscuits, cuddle time, “yappy hour” and vanilla paw soaks are among the offerings at posh pet boarding facilities that have sprung up near more than a dozen airports across the US. A one night stay at resorts featured in a recent story by The Seattle Times can top $50.

At Pet Paradise Resort in Charlotte, N.C., top-dog clients can lap up attention, wolf down ice cream treats and watch DVDs while relaxing in extra large suites. Manager Fred Goldsmith, the pet parent of a Bichon Frise, said he wanted to “create a Ritz-Carlton brand for dogs.” Since opening the first Pet Paradise Resort in 2005, Mr. Goldsmith has expanded to a total of nine sites.

Customers rave that the high-class digs rival the elegance of upscale human lodgings.

“I can say they treat every guest as special. There are people resorts that don’t make you feel as if you are special, so to receive such a good feeling from a pet resort is truly nice,” said a couple whose dog has stayed at Pet Paradise in Charlotte.

The pet resorts cater to pet parents’ needs, too. The facilities typically offer pet parents free parking, a shuttle to the airport and access to footage from Web cams showing their animals’ activities.

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Photo Friday: Insurance Protects Best Friends

“My dogs love to cuddle together, and they’re practically connected at the hip! Thanks for all you do at ASPCA Pet Health Insurance!”

—Submitted by: An ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Pet Parent*

*Photo Friday is a weekly column that showcases photos we receive from loving ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers of their pets. If you want to see your pet featured, please email me!


Customer Stories

A Bedlington Terrier with a history of hair-raising accidents probably would be happy to a be a landlubber after being pitched from a boat earlier this year.

Bred as hunters, Bedlington Terriers look like sheep, but they are known for having the hearts of lions. That’s a good thing because one Bedlington in particular has had to get himself out of a couple of scrapes.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customer Becky C. tells us her dog, Carl, was tossed from the boat in which he was riding after the vessel hit a log. The dog was hit by the boat’s motor when he landed in the water. Carl suffered a few cuts that needed stitches, and he aspirated some water.

Luckily Carl’s OK now!

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Customer Stories

More Pet Parents Taking a Walk Down the Aisle with Their Dogs

Dogs are increasingly playing a more formal role in their pet parents’ “puptials” this wedding season.

Dog parenting, like marriage, is a lifelong commitment.

For some pet parents, no wedding plan would be complete without taking the dog for a walk down the aisle, too. The Wall Street Journal reports that more pet parents are incorporating their best friends into the bow- and meow-vows they make with their life partners.

“They are family,” said Sarah Royer, who, along with fiancé Jonas Koester, is the pet parent to two mixed breed Poodles. “They have to be in the wedding.”

A number of websites advertise all the accessories couples might need to outfit their pooch for the big day, including ring pillows and rhinestone collars. Compared to formal wear for humans, gowns and tuxedos for dogs are relatively inexpensive, with prices starting at about $20.

Colleen Paige of Los Angeles is one of several animal trainers who advertise wedding preparation services online. Her $2,500 charge typically includes training, as well as pet sitting and pet cleanup on the big day. Ms. Paige’s cost goes up for events involving more than one pet or particularly frisky pets.

Wedding planner Nora Sheils, owner of Bridal Bliss in Oregon, concedes that pets can sometimes be a disruption. At one ceremony, she said, a client’s Schnauzer took a chomp out of a wedding guest’s ear. “We had to call an ambulance,” Ms. Sheils said.

Though pets aren’t welcome in all venues, nondenominational minister Annemarie Juhlian of Seattle told Modern Dog they can make someone’s perfect day even better.

“I know children and dogs are considered wild cards at weddings,” Ms. Juhlian said. “But I’m all for it. Dogs seem to have a wonderful calming effect on everyone’s wedding nerves. If they are well trained, they never upstage the bride. When they walk down the aisle, they are usually so pleased to see their favorite people standing waiting for them, their wagging tail and doggie smile simply adds to the joy of the occasion. I’d like to see more dogs in weddings because they make so many people happy.”

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Photo Friday: On the Mend

“My 8-year-old cat, Meeko, started throwing up. Within days, she was not eating or drinking, just vomiting and sleeping. Various tests and a three-day stay at a specialty veterinary clinic cost over $3,000, but they found she had pancreatitis. Now Meeko's better and back to her old self!”

—Submitted by: An ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Pet Parent*

*Photo Friday is a weekly column that showcases photos we receive from loving ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers of their pets. If you want to see your pet featured, please email me!

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Customer Stories

Soaking up Fun in the Sun: Rock Hounds

We asked you a couple weeks ago for photos of your pets having fun in the sun. We were hoping to run the photos over Labor Day weekend, but we’ve gotten so many, we’ll be posting them to the blog for the rest of this summer!

Amari K. submitted this photo of Frodo and Bilbo on an outdoor adventure. The well-dressed dogs, Amari told us, were “taking a break after a long walk on their favorite place, the big rocks.”

Keep watching this space for your photos of your pets, and feel free to email me about how you and your furry friends are enjoying the summer!


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Customer Stories

Because cats love to lie and sleep next to windows, pet parents who open their windows in the summer should make sure all window screens are secure.

In our August newsletter and a recent blog post, we offered some advice to avoid heatstroke and keep your pet healthy during the “dog days” of summer. Here are some more tips to help you and your pet enjoy the rest of the summer safely.

Prevent High-Rise Syndrome

In the warmer months, the ASPCA reports an increase in animals who get hurt after falling out of windows or escaping through open doors. You can help prevent what’s known as “High-Rise Syndrome” by keeping unscreened windows and doors closed, and making sure adjustable screens are tightly secured.

Keep Summer Poisons Out of Reach

Summer products like insecticides, sunscreen, pool and spa chemicals, and citronella candles should all be kept safely away from your pet. If your pet is exposed to poison, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435. A $65 consultation fee may apply, but 80% is covered by our plans.

Watch for Summer Dangers

There are plenty of other potential summer dangers you can look out for. For instance, be sure to keep an eye on your pet around pools, even if you think he or she is a good swimmer. Pets can also be scared or injured by fireworks, so leave your pet home if you know they’ll be set off at a party or festival.

If your pet does get hurt or sick in the last stretch of summer, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance can help you cover the costs of treatment. Get a quote to learn more now, or if you’re a customer, you can view your plan online.


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