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What do you do if your pet has acute anxiety or a compulsive behavior? Troubled animals like Frisbee, a mixed breed dog who started spinning wildly 10 to 12 times a day, or Dakota, the Springer Spaniel who grew increasingly aggressive, both benefited from Prozac, according to a report on ABC News.

Mood stabilizing and anti-anxiety drugs typically reserved for humans are being prescribed by veterinarians more often to treat pets with behavioral issues. ABC News reports pet parents spent $7 billion on Prozac and Zoloft last year – up 35% in the past four years.

In some instances, diet or lifestyle changes alone can do the trick. But in Frisbee’s case, her pet parents say it’s the only thing that’s really helped.

If your pet has a behavioral issue, talk to your veterinarian about possible treatments. In most states, our Level 3 and 4 plans can cover a consultation as well as medication to treat behavioral conditions. You can see the options available for your pet with a free quote. (Note that behavioral coverage is not yet available in all states.)

For more information, watch the full report “Prozac for Puppy? More American Pets are Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs” online at ABC News.

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If you're looking for love or just a new friend, maybe your pet can help. Whether you're out walking your dog or buying cat treats at the store, pets can break the ice and reveal common interests.

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Pet Photo Friday: I Encourage Friends to get ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

“I encourage all of my friends to get ASPCA Pet Health Insurance because of the great service, friendly staff and most importantly the freedom you have to go to the vet for well visits and sick visits.  I have never regretted buying insurance for my dog, just as I have never regretted having insurance for my children.  Thank you ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.”

- Shawna Z., Georgetown, VA

Photo Friday is a weekly column that showcases photos we receive from loving ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers of their pets. If you want to see your pet featured, please email me!


Customer Stories

Melt Away Stress with your Cat or Dog

As a pet parent, you know how much love and joy pets bring into our homes, but did you know they can also improve your health?

Over the years, studies have found that pets can boost our health in measurable ways.+  Here are  a few more reasons to shower your pet with love around Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.

Stress Relievers
Nothing melts away the stress of the day like a warm snuggle from your pet. But it may be more than psychological relief. Research has revealed that pets can help lower blood pressure and anxiety levels.

Heart Helpers
Pets can have positive effects on our hearts. Studies have reported better survival rates for heart attack patients with pets and improved heart rate variability, which is an indicator of heart health.

Mental Boosters
Our furry pals may also combat depression. In studies, pet-assisted therapy helped reduce depression in chemotherapy patients, and pets reduced stress for people caring for loved ones with dementia.

Read more about the health benefits of pets when it comes to allergies, fitness, and autism at our blog.

+Sources: K. Arhant-Sudhir, R. Arhant-Sudhir, K. Sudhir, Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, 2011; C. Westgarth, BMC Veterinary Research, 2007; M. Orlandi, Anticancer Research, 2007; S. Lupien, Psychoneuroendocrinology, 2010



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Tooth Brushing Tips

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, so it's a great time to check your pet's teeth and gums:

• Smell your pet's breath to make sure it doesn't smell foul or offensive.
• Gently push back your pet's lips and look over teeth and gums for obvious issues.
• Be on the lookout for difficulty chewing or excessive pawing at the mouth.

If you have any concerns, call your veterinarian. You should also schedule a yearly dental cleaning. If you have Level 3 or 4, it's covered.

Learn more about dental health for cats or for dogs at the ASPCA's website.

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Cat Photo Friday - Blue Eyes

Photo Friday is a weekly column that showcases photos we receive from loving ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers of their pets. If you want to see your pet featured, please email me!

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Customer Stories

"We adopted Russell from a rescue organization. With our love and devotion, he's overcome his fears, and settled in as part of our family. That being said, I realized he should be treated as family and have pet insurance. I've had to pay large veterinary fees in the past, but when you love an animal, that's just what you do. With Russell, I knew it would be better to protect him and have the security of knowing the insurance will be there when we need it."

— Susan M., Memphis, TN

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Customer Stories

Recent studies have shown that pets can lower blood pressure, boost heart health, and reduce depression. Here are a few more ways pets can boost our health:

Allergy Helpers
We often think about pets causing allergies, but research has shown they may prevent allergies in certain cases. For example, one study found that infants exposed to dogs were less likely to have pet allergies or eczema.*

Exercise Buddies
Taking your dog out for walks or playing energetic interactive games with your cat can help both you and your pet lose weight and stay in shape. We’ve got more on exercising with your pet in this January blog post.

Helping Children
It hasn’t been formally researched, but some parents report that pets have helped their autistic children open up to new emotions and experiences. There are even programs set up to train pets for this purpose.

These are just a few more reasons to appreciate our pets and all of the good things they bring to our lives!

*Source: James E. Gern, The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2004.


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