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Photo Friday is a weekly column that showcases photos we receive from loving ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers of their pets. If you want to see your pet featured, please email me!

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service dog

Pets help us in so many ways—from acting as self-designated backyard anti-squirrel units to self-appointed table food inspectors. But did you know a number of pets hold extremely important jobs? They protect us from bombs and drugs, provide comfort to the sick, and assist individuals with disabilities.

Here’s a rundown of canine job descriptions taken from this article by Pets Adviser for you to keep on hand for reference:

-Assistance/Service Dog- Specially trained to assist humans with physical and mental disabilities, as well as medical conditions such as diabetes and epilepsy.

-Working Dog- May refer to a member of the AKC pedigree group or a canine trained to perform specific tasks or to entertain.

-Therapy Dog- Trained to provide comfort, affection and entertainment to people in nursing homes, prisons and therapeutic environments.

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pet parents

dog named Jack

“Jack was only a few weeks old when I bought ASPCA Pet Health insurance for him.  As a puppy, he got into everything, and I would get so worried. My husband lost his job, and costly vet bills would have been devastating. I know that if Jack ever needs to go to the veterinarian, my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan will help me get the care he needs. The representatives are wonderful and so informative, I know they care about each animal.  I highly recommend this insurance to everyone. You have insurance for yourself as a safety net, your beloved furry family member should have it, too.”

- Cameron S., Lancaster, PA

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Customer Stories

The holidays are a special time to spend with loved ones—including your family pets. And with a few extra preparations, you can help your pets safely join the festivities no matter where you travel.

One of the most important steps is to make sure your pet is covered by pet insurance before you head out the door. If any unexpected accidents or illnesses happen along the way, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans cover visits to any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. or Canada, including emergency clinics and specialists.

Additionally, with new travel assistance services available with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans, pet parents have even more help when they’re traveling with their pets. Our plans are the first and only ones to come with travel assistance services for pets.

Read more here about the new travel assistance services, as well as tips for traveling with your pet.

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Hartville Group News & Info

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dog with stuffed turkey toy

Thanksgiving isn't just about giving thanks — it's also about eating! But be careful your pet doesn't eat something harmful.

For instance, avoid giving your cat or dog raw or undercooked turkey, fatty foods, or real bones that can splinter. And, of course, desserts like chocolate are off limits. But that doesn't mean your pet has to be left out of the feast! It's safe to offer your pet a bit of white turkey meat without skin or small pieces of raw carrots or green beans.

Learn more about keeping your pet safe during the holidays. And remember, if your pet does get into a jam over Thanksgiving, your plan can help you afford needed veterinary care.

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pet parents

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Customer Stories

little dog in a dress in the kitchen

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Enter for a chance to win a prize for your pet!

Enter our “Paws to Give Thanks” sweepstakes for your chance to win a prize from the ASPCA store – a K9 Treats Party Pack for your dog or a Fling-ama-String for your cat! What better way to show your pets how much you appreciate them this holiday season than to shower them with love, affection and TREATS?

To enter our “Paws to Give Thanks” sweepstakes, visit our Facebook page.

Sweepstakes ends December 5, 2012. No purchase necessary.

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