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dog guarding baby stroller

Babies can baffle our pets, so it is best for you to be well informed before you bring home your new bundle of joy to meet your furry companions. Our friends at the ASPCA® offer some helpful tips on introducing your baby to both your dog and cat.

Additionally, you might want to check out these 5 myths about dogs and babies provided by Petside. One common misconception the article counters is that training begins when your baby comes home. Instead, you should start teaching your dog commands and mixing up your pup’s routine when you find out a baby is on the way to ensure an easier transition for all involved.

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pet parents

photo of dog on a pillow

Pet Photo Friday is a weekly column that showcases photos we receive from loving ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers of their pets. If you want to see your pet featured, please email me!

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Customer Stories

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Love is in the air and we want to hear the tale of how you met your pet! You could win a $25 gift certificate!

To enter our “Love Story” sweepstakes, like us on Facebook and fill out our short entry form.

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kitten with a pink cast on front leg

Accidents can happen to our feline friends in the blink of an eye. When emergencies do occur, pet parents may find it difficult to make rational decisions. That’s why it’s so important to have a plan in place before emergencies occur. 

To get started, ask your veterinarian’s advice on creating a plan. Be sure to find the closest animal hospital that provides emergency care and make sure you have your veterinarian’s phone number handy.

Another number to keep close is ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center at (888)426-4435. They are available24/7 if you suspect your pet has ingested something hazardous.

Check out this article from our friends at the ASPCA® to learn more about emergency care for your feline friend, such as first aid tips and signs that your cat needs emergency help. 

Remember, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans cover visits to any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. and Canada, including emergency clinics.

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Pet Health Insurance Headlines

Lily the dog with a purple blanket

“When we took our dog, Lily, to get her shots updated, the veterinarian gave us an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance brochure. Not long after we purchased Lily an insurance plan, she became ill with an inflammation of her pancreas. We almost lost her. The bill was costly but thanks to our ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan, a large chunk of the cost was covered. It was great to get that check.”

-Donna J., Miami, FL

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Customer Stories

gray cat with a big red valentine heart

Keep your pet safe this Valentine’s Day!

Our friends at the ASPCA® have a full list of Valentine’s Day goodiespet parents should watch out for this holiday. For instance, make sure hazardous food, flowers and other holiday items are kept out of paw’s reach.

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pet parents

dog sitting on bed


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dog in a cardboard moving box

Are you looking to make a big move soon? We found some great tips on how to make the move stress-free for your furry friends. For instance, talk to your veterinarian about how the different climate in your new town might affect your pet.

We know not every move is just across town, so, if you have to stay overnight on your way to your new home, our friends at the ASPCA® have some helpful tips on finding pet-friendly accommodations.

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pet parents

photo of a puppy named Tasha

“I noticed my puppy, Tasha, eat something off the lawn. When I approached, I saw see she was eating lawn mushrooms, which can be very poisonous to dogs. I took Tasha to the emergency clinic, and she received treatment for the poison. This incident just goes to show that in a second, your plans can change and turn into a costly emergency. Luckily, I bought Tasha an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan as soon as I adopted her so this costly emergency visit was covered. I suggest ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to everyone!”

-Katie L., New Milford, CT

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Customer Stories


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