Pet Photo Friday: I Would Recommend Pet Insurance to Anyone

“Several years ago, my first Siberian Husky was in a motor vehicle accident and suffered extensive injuries. It took several years to clear up that $5,000 debt. Last year I signed up for ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and thankfully have only needed it for one bout of pancreatitis with my current Siberian Husky, Adela. I would recommend pet insurance to anyone.”

— Kasey D., Buffalo, N.Y.

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Pet Blog Photo Friday: Two Paws Up for Pet Insurance

“If you have a pet, you should get pet health insurance because you never know what can happen. We feel better that ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is there to help us pay veterinary bills, especially since we have multiple pets. Our Basset Hound had a few ear infections soon after we adopted him, but with the help of antibiotics and veterinary care, he got better. Plus, when the reimbursement check came from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, we had a little extra money to feed our other furry kids. We give ASPCA Pet Health Insurance two paws up! Thank you for helping our most precious angels.”

—Submitted by: An ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Pet Parent*

Photo Friday is a weekly column that showcases photos we receive from loving ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers of their pets. If you want to see your pet featured, please email me!

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Customer Stories


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