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Pet Health Insurance Headlines

A Bedlington Terrier with a history of hair-raising accidents probably would be happy to a be a landlubber after being pitched from a boat earlier this year.

Bred as hunters, Bedlington Terriers look like sheep, but they are known for having the hearts of lions. That’s a good thing because one Bedlington in particular has had to get himself out of a couple of scrapes.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customer Becky C. tells us her dog, Carl, was tossed from the boat in which he was riding after the vessel hit a log. The dog was hit by the boat’s motor when he landed in the water. Carl suffered a few cuts that needed stitches, and he aspirated some water.

Luckily Carl’s OK now!

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Customer Stories

One dog unwrapped some trouble when she found corn cobs in a bag in the kitchen of her pet parents’ home in New England.

Ruined husks littering the dog’s bed gave her pet parent, Nancy K.,* all the clues she needed when she discovered her dog in severe pain one Sunday afternoon. Nancy took the dog to an emergency clinic, where the Greyhound was treated for her corn binge.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance reimbursed the dog’s pet parents more than $260 for this accidental ingestion, and luckily the dog was OK.

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Customer Stories

One of our customers says she never thought her puppy might have an affinity for underwear. Imagine her surprise when she saw Balboa grab a pair from an open hamper!

As our customer tried to stop Balboa, the dog scarfed down the underwear.

The dog’s momentary indiscretion quickly turned scary, when our customer says Balboa began looking ill. At that point, our customer took poor Balboa to an emergency veterinary clinic, where veterinary staff induced vomiting.

In all, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance reimbursed her $136 for Balboa’s medical crisis.

After throwing up the offending unmentionable, Balboa’s now fine. The same probably can’t be said for the underwear.

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Customer Stories

This stroll was far from leisurely for this customer and his dog.

A 4-year-old Labrador retriever was on a walk with his pet parent when he was suddenly attacked by a swarm of bees.

He was stung more than 30 times while rolling on the ground, trying to get them off. The dog suffered an allergic reaction, which can be fatal.

Luckily, he was rushed to the veterinarian where he got injections to combat the reaction.

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Customer Stories

It seems this dog has quite the urgent sweet tooth!

A pet parent returned home to find her Springer Spaniel had opened and eaten an entire bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups—wrappers and all.

She instantly took her dog, plus the empty bag of candy, to her veterinarian. The veterinarian used liquid charcoal to induce vomiting.

Once back at home, the dog was his playful self again, and his parent hid all the household candy in some out-of-reach cabinets.

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Customer Stories

We’ll give this feline the benefit of the doubt that all of this was purely an accident.

A customer’s kitty knocked the dog’s arthritis medication off the counter and onto the floor. When the pet parent found the empty, chewed medicine bottle in her room, she knew her dog had gobbled up all the pills.

Thankfully, the pup is OK and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance reimbursed this pet parent $420 for the medical expenses.
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Customer Stories

A Pet Parent Asks:
As I’m satisfying my $100 annual deductible, how can I tell how much has been applied to date?

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Answers:
You can track your deductible balance via the EOB (explanation of benefits) sent to you when we process each claim. This information is located in the top area of the first page under “Incident Summary.”

For a copy of your EOB, please visit our online Member Center.

Pet Parent Q&A is a regular column that answers customer questions in an effort to educate others. This is not a forum to receive responses to specific inquiries. Please call Customer Service at 1-866-204-6764 or email for immediate assistance.

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Hartville Group News & Info

While some frisky kitties get a little too adventurous in what they choose to eat, they usually swallow items like dental floss or ribbon. But one recent discovery caught everyone by surprise.

A cat suffering from an upset stomach wasn’t getting any better, even after his pet parent gave him medication, so they went back to the animal hospital. With a series of X-rays, the veterinarian found a decaying lizard stuck in the cat’s esophagus!

The veterinarian suggested a specialist to remove it, but the cat passed the lizard before the appointment. Thankfully, the feline fully recovered.

The other silver lining of this story: It served as a good reminder of the unexpected and sometimes quirky things that can happen to pets. After this incident, the cat’s parent enrolled him in ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

Have you recently bought ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for your pets after they experienced an unexpected illness or injury? Tell us about it!

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Customer Stories

It’s amazing to think about how curious our feline friends can be!

While exploring a closet, a cat got her upper lip caught on an attractive fly fishing lure she was batting around. Her parents rushed her to the veterinarian, who was able to snip the barbs off the hook and pull it out in reverse.

We reimbursed the pet parents more than $60 for this minor accident. Now that their feline is fine, the couple jokes that they “caught a 10-pound cat.”

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Customer Stories


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