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The holidays bring family, friends and full bellies all around! As you’re celebrating this wonderful time of year, don’t forget to take some extra safety measures to make sure your pet has a healthy and happy holiday, too. 

• No Bones About It
The aftermath of a delicious holiday meal leaves many bones. Don’t give in to your dog’s begging or let your cat’s curiosity cause trouble. A ham or turkey bone can splinter and damage your pet’s mouth or get stuck in the throat or stomach. If you want to include your pet in the feast, offer safe foods like bits of cooked turkey or plain mashed potato. Learn more

• Our Door Is Always Open
With holiday guests coming and going, your door may be open more often and longer than usual. For an adventurous dog or speedy cat, this can be the perfect opportunity to flee. You may not even notice your fur ball sneak by. To prevent an unwanted escape, put your pet in a quiet room while family and friends flood the foyer. Learn more

• Keep Your Paws Off The Decor
Decorations are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. But keep on eye on your pet around those lights and baubles, particularly breakable ornaments, exposed electrical cords and lit candles. You should also be aware of holiday plants (like holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and pine needles) that can make your pet sick, if nibbled on. Learn more

Remember, if your pet has a poison emergency, the ASPCA® Animal Poison Control Center can help at 1-888-426-4435. They’re available 24/7, including holidays! For more safety tips, check out our website.

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Pet Blog- Happy Fourth of July!


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Pet Photo Friday: Making Holidays Bright

“Recently my Shih Tzu Jake got extremely sick, and it became very expensive. However, Jake is a part of our family and we would do anything to help him feel better.  Thanks to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance we were able to get Jake the best treatment available. Now he is looking forward to the holidays with his sisters, Bunny and Allie.”
-Jodie D., Troy, MI

Photo Friday is a weekly column that showcases photos we receive from loving ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers of their pets. If you want to see your pet featured, please email me!

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Haven't finished holiday shopping for your pet?  This list can help!  Below are some pet gifts that can be found at the ASPCA Online Store Keep in mind that 40% of the purchase price goes to support the ASPCA’s lifesaving work.  Happy shopping!

Holiday Squeaker Mat
Entertain your pup with a plush and squeaky holiday mat.

Exercise your kitty with a crazy string-flinging machine.

Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa
Give your pet the royal treatment with organic bath products.

But remember, the best gift you can give your pet, and yourself, is the gift of protection! Our pet insurance can help you prepare financially for your pet’s health care costs in 2012 and beyond. Start now with a free quote.

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In our December newsletter, we had some fun gift ideas for your pet from the ASPCA Online Store. The best part is that 40% of the purchase price goes to support the ASPCA’s lifesaving work! Here are some more to keep in mind as you finish off your holiday shopping.

Dog Toy Stocking
Hang a stocking filled with toys by the fire for your favorite pup.

Funkitty Egg-cersizer
Give your kitty some exercise with a treat filled toy.

Busy Buddy Chuckle
Perk up playtime for your pup with a funky treat dispenser.
Nobbly Wobbly
Give your dog something to chew on with a tough rubber toy.

FroliCat Bolt
Enjoy playtime with your cat with this innovative laser toy.

But remember, the best gift you can give your pet, and yourself, is the gift of protection! Our pet insurance can help you prepare financially for your pet’s health care costs in 2012 and beyond. Start now with a free quote.

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More Pet Nutrition Tips for the Holidays

In our November newsletter, we turned our thoughts to food in honor of the holidays, specifically what pets should or shouldn’t eat. You should consult with your veterinarian about the best diet for your pet, but here are a few more tips on proper pet nutrition.

Feeding a Senior Pet
As pets get older, they may slow down and start gaining weight even if their diet hasn’t changed. Senior pets can benefit from a diet that’s lower in calories, but not lower in protein, which helps them maintain muscle mass. Your veterinarian may also recommend higher levels of antioxidants, like vitamin E and beta-carotene.

Puppy and Kitty Eats
Puppies and kittens need up to twice the energy intake of adult pets. 25 or 30% of that energy should come from protein. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a pet food especially formulated for your young pet. You can also offer your pet an occasional treat, but use moderation to avoid weight gain.

Pet Obesity
Weight gain is a common problem for pets, and can cause health problems from minor joint aches and pains to diabetes. Fortunately, obesity and the issues it can cause are preventable if you watch what your pet eats. A regular wellness exam can also help track your pet’s weight and keep the pounds from creeping on.

If you have our Level 3 or 4 plan, a yearly exam to check your pet’s weight and overall health is covered. View your plan for details. If you’re not a customer, you can see the coverage available for your pet by starting a quick and easy quote now.


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Make Halloween less spooky with these safety tips

Help make sure Halloween isn’t a scary time for your pet by keeping these tips in mind.

 Candy – Treats are everywhere this time of year, and many can be toxic to pets. Keep bowls of candy out of reach.
• Costumes – Don’t dress your pet up if he or she dislikes it. If your pet doesn’t mind, be sure the costume is comfortable and safe.
• Candles – Avoid using candles as decorations or in jack-o-lanterns. Pets can knock them over, get burned, or start a fire.
 Collar – Be careful your pet doesn’t get out when you open the door, but if he or she does, a collar with ID tag and/or microchip can be very helpful.

Read more Halloween safety tips at the ASPCA’s website.

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ASPCA Happenings | Hartville Group News & Info

The niceties at the latest luxury hotels–fancy spas, turndown service and personal pampering–are pretty fetching, but some of the special treats might surprise you.

Walks, biscuits, cuddle time, “yappy hour” and vanilla paw soaks are among the offerings at posh pet boarding facilities that have sprung up near more than a dozen airports across the US. A one night stay at resorts featured in a recent story by The Seattle Times can top $50.

At Pet Paradise Resort in Charlotte, N.C., top-dog clients can lap up attention, wolf down ice cream treats and watch DVDs while relaxing in extra large suites. Manager Fred Goldsmith, the pet parent of a Bichon Frise, said he wanted to “create a Ritz-Carlton brand for dogs.” Since opening the first Pet Paradise Resort in 2005, Mr. Goldsmith has expanded to a total of nine sites.

Customers rave that the high-class digs rival the elegance of upscale human lodgings.

“I can say they treat every guest as special. There are people resorts that don’t make you feel as if you are special, so to receive such a good feeling from a pet resort is truly nice,” said a couple whose dog has stayed at Pet Paradise in Charlotte.

The pet resorts cater to pet parents’ needs, too. The facilities typically offer pet parents free parking, a shuttle to the airport and access to footage from Web cams showing their animals’ activities.

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Pet Insurance Blog - Dog Photo

The holidays are a welcome time to relax, but unfortunately it’s not always free of those unexpected pet illnesses. Last year, Erika T. of Jefferson City, Mo.* spent a tense New Year’s Day at the emergency animal hospital when her dog, Karma, began to vomit blood.

For about a month prior, Karma was getting sick a few times a week though he still was happy and active as ever.

“I figured Karma’s sickness was from too many table scraps or the new kibble he was eating,” Erika said. “But that morning, I knew something else had to be wrong, so I rushed him to the animal hospital.”

At the hospital, the veterinarian did an ultrasound and blood test on Karma. Thankfully, the results came back normal. The veterinarian advised Erika to feed Karma a bland diet and monitor him closely, as he likely had the flu.

While Erika was relieved that her dog was OK, she now had an expensive veterinary bill on the first day of the New Year. But we were able to help with some of the costs for this unexpected emergency.

Erika told us: “Thank you, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, for a stress-free claims process and prompt reimbursements!”

As New Year’s rolls around again, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday!

Do you have a story to share? Email me!

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Customer Stories

If you’re looking for a unique gift for that special someone on your list (furry ones included!), here are some fun products from the ASPCA®’s online store:

Frisky Kitty Toy

For the Frisky Kitty:
FroliCat Bolt Laser Toy

For the Fashion-Forward Pet:
Initial Pet Tag

For the Animal-Loving Child:
Amazing Pet Tricks Children’s Book

For the Vocal Pet Lover:
ASPCA Message T-Shirt

Find more ideas by visiting the ASPCA online store.

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ASPCA Happenings


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