Spring is a popular time to add a pet to the family, so what's the best way to get ready for a new furry friend? Take our quiz to see how much you know!

1. What should you have ready for a new pet?
a) Safe pet toys
b) Collar and ID tag
c) Both a and b
c) Chew toys can keep pups from chewing things they shouldn't, and interactive toys can help dogs and cats burn energy. A collar and ID are important even for indoor pets in case they slip out.

2. When should you bring a new pet to the vet?
a) As soon as possible
b) At 1 year old
c) Only if he or she gets hurt or sick
a) The ASPCA® recommends a check-up during the first week home. Our wellness options cover an annual exam as well as other wellness treatments like vaccines and spaying or neutering.

3. How should a new pet be introduced to other pets?
a) Right away
b) Gradually with supervision
c) After a month
b) Give your new pet some time to get used to his or her new environment first, and then make introductions slowly. Don't force interactions and watch to make sure there are no issues.

How many did you get right? See another new pet quiz from our blog here.

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A Pet Parent Asks:
How do I add an additional pet to my plan?

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Answers:
Congratulations on your new family member!

Adding a pet to your plan is simple. Just contact Customer Service at 1-877-204-6764 and they can get your new pet enrolled today.

Also, you’ll receive a 10% multiple pet discount if you enroll your new best friend on the same level as your other pet. The discount excludes Level 1 and Continuing Care.

Thank you for protecting all of your pets with us!

Pet Parent Q&A is a regular column that answers customer questions in an effort to educate others. This is not a forum to receive responses to specific inquiries. Please call Customer Service at 1-866-204-6764 or email cservice@aspcapetinsurance.com for immediate assistance.

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