dog outside in grass

"I rescued Gizmo when he was 5 months old. A young woman owned him, but she could no longer care for him in her small apartment. German Shorthair Pointers, like Gizmo, require a lot of exercise. I'm a trainer, so I’ve made sure to provide him with plenty of opportunities to stretch his legs, as well as give him the consistent training he requires. He is still a puppy, however, and he gets into everything. His puppy antics have caused him quite a few injuries and illness.

I have sent in 3 claims within a short period of time, and I'm totally and absolutely impressed with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance! They have been prompt and efficient. This tells me they know puppies, and I really appreciate that. I am very thankful that Gizmo has an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan." -Ella W., Santa Clara, CA

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mixed breed yorkie

"I am Princess's third owner, after she spent years being unwanted, mistreated and unloved. I found her while searching online for new dog. I had lost my previous pup and felt a space in my life. Princess has a fear of men, and it took a long time for her to come around to me.

She has since been diagnosed with granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis (GME), an inflammatory disease that acts in many ways like cancer. She has inflammation of the spinal column, and it had paralyzed her. But thanks to expert veterinary care and the help of her ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan, Princess is now able to walk again without pain. She does have some trouble with bladder control, but I can deal with that. I take her into the veterinarian’s office each day for a pill that she will not let me give her. The insurance has been wonderful in helping me keep her alive, and I am deeply grateful." -Kyle A., West Nyack, NY


We'd love to hear if we've helped your pet. Share your story and it may be featured on our blog.


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Customer Stories

two toy poodles

"I live in an apartment complex with my two Toy Poodles, Paris and Milan. I was taking them out for their last potty break of the evening when Milan sniffed a small fertilizer pellet. Milan started making a noise like a reverse sneeze, almost like she was gasping for air. I looked up her nose and spied the pellet. We immediately went to the emergency animal clinic. They used an instrument much like a pair of tweezers to pull out the pellet and then flushed her nose. I have always been very happy with my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan. I never want to think about cost when it comes to the care of my pets." -Angela C., Flagstaff, AZ

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Customer Stories

cat fits and sits in box lid

"I love Sammy so much! I adopted him from a shelter where he had been surrendered because he didn't suit his family's lifestyle. Apparently he spent too much time hiding under the bed. He's a shy cat, but he likes to cuddle and only hides under my bed if I have visitors or if it's too hot for him. Half the time I catch him in the living room lying on his back. Their loss is my gain! I was meant to be this boy's pet mom." Marian L., Pacifica, CA

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ninja dog on dog couch

"Ninja is our 7-year-old, good natured, gentle, very friendly and intelligent Shar Pei. He is a treasured member of our family who has had several medical issues. In addition to health problems, including mast cell cancer, he has been bitten severely by unleashed dogs we have encountered on our walks over the years. The most recent health scare was a severe bacterial infection that nearly cost him his life. He had to be hospitalized and was critically ill for several weeks. At this time he is on the road to recovery, and I'm thankful for my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan for the rapid and helpful payment on our claim. I am always telling friends and family that it is an excellent pet insurance plan. Thank you, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance!" - Cheryl S., Miami, FL

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Customer Stories

photo of dog that ate wood

“I left Zeke alone, and he apparently heard something on the other side of the bedroom door. So he tried chewing through that door! He's 10 years old, and he has never done something like this before. It was not a solid wood door. When I got home, I found the first side had a large hole, and Zeke was working his way through to the other. He had wood chips and splinters on his head, in the skin of his muzzle, and on his mouth, tongue and feet. I was afraid that he had swallowed a large wood piece so I rushed him to the veterinarian. The vet removed all of the splinters and gave him some medication for the pain. I’m definitely a firm advocate of pet insurance, and I recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to others.” – Tessa K., Charleston, WV

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Customer Stories

“I took Alfalfa outside, and he jetted away to the same spot I thought I had seen a raccoon the day before. I rushed over to pull Alfalfa away, and he briefly got caught in a thorn bush and suffered a big scrape and cut. I took him to the emergency room, where he received treatment and antibiotics. Alfalfa is fine and doesn’t have a scar like I thought he would. He is my child, and I am so glad to have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for him!” – Rochelle D., Worcester, MA

Archie Dog ate cleaning wipes

"My dog, Archie, managed to open a package of 15 individually-wrapped cleaning wipes and ate all of them. After speaking with our veterinarian and animal poison control, we determined that the wipes were not poisonous. We took him to the veterinarian for an X-ray, though, to make sure there wasn’t a blockage. Previously, Archie had destroyed the packaging of three bottles of super glue. We now have our veterinarian and poison control on speed dial! I have always been so pleased with my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan and have had it for Archie since 2008." - Mary R., Hagerstown, MD

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Black and white Border Collie-Retriever mix puppy

“My Border Collie-Retriever mix is young and healthy, but she sometimes gets cuts on her paw pads from our active lifestyle. I got ASPCA Pet Health Insurance after spending several hundred dollars on vet visits to check out her injured paws. I later found a lump on her tongue. It was benign, but I was glad not to worry about how I would pay for treatment. I could focus on making the best medical decision for her, rather than the cost.”

— Veronica K., St. Paul, MO

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