Unbreakable Bond Sweepstakes for pet lovers

September is National Pet Health Insurance Month, a time to reflect on how important it is to protect our family pets. We’re reminded every day of the special place pets hold in our lives, and it’s our mission to help you care for their health. 

Tell us about the bond you share with your pet, and you could win a unique gift basket for your dog or cat!

To enter, like us on Facebook and fill out our short entry form.

Prize (value $49.95) courtesy of the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program. Sweepstakes ends Sept. 29, 2013. No purchase necessary. See official rules.

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Office Pet Trivia Sweepstakes

Meet Mac, Lincoln & Jetta!

We would like to introduce you to a few of the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Office Pets. Guess their favorite things and submit an entry form for your chance to win an ASPCA Picnic Blanket!

To enter, like us on Facebook and fill out our short entry form.

Prize courtesy of the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program. Sweepstakes ends August 28, 2013. No purchase necessary. See official rules

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Join our Vegging Out Twitter Party! We’re hosting a pet-friendly vegetable-themed party on Twitter on Thursday, August 15 from 2-3 p.m. EST. Use the hashtag #PetVeggies to join the conversation, and play our trivia contest for 3 chances to win. 

Tips for joining a Twitter party:

• Sign up for a Twitter account
• Follow the party hosts. For the Vegging Out party, make sure you’re following ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and our co-host, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.
• Twitter parties are easiest to follow if you’re using a dashboard like TweetChat, Tweetdeck, or Tweetgrid.
• Use the party hashtag (#PetVeggies) in every tweet to be a part of the conversation.

No purchase necessary. See official rules here.

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guess pet sweeptakes

We’re closing in on our 1 millionth claim, and we want you to take your best guess of what it might be. One lucky winner will receive an orthopedic pet bed!

To enter, like us on Facebook and fill out our short entry form.

Prize (20x30 bed, value $19.99 value) courtesy of the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program. Sweepstakes ends July 29, 2013. No purchase necessary. See official rules here 

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cat vet visit

Vet visits can be stressful for cats, especially if they're not used to leaving the comforts of home. These tips can help make the next visit easier for your kitty.

Get your cat used to the carrier by leaving it open in your house.
Take your cat for rides in the carrier to other places besides the vet.
Bring along your cat's favorite treats, toys and blanket.
Reward good behavior at the vet with praise, treats and petting.
Stay calm during the exam to encourage the same from your cat.

If your cat (or dog) has an extreme dislike of veterinary visits, talk to your vet about techniques that might make future visits more relaxing.


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We just can't get enough of adorable pet pictures - but who can?

Taking photos of our furry friends can be just as fun as looking at them, and these tips can help you snap a perfect moment in time.

pet photography tips infographic

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Enter our Cat-tastic Sweepstakes

June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat month! Tell us why you love cats and enter for your chance to win a FroliCat Bolt for your favorite feline or Huck ‘Em Floats for your K9 friend from the ASPCA® Online Store. Enter here.

Prizing is courtesy of the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program. Sweepstakes ends June 26, 2013. No purchase necessary. See official rules.

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cat and dog enjoying the warm weather


There’s nothing like the return of warm weather to get us excited! Join our pawty on our Facebook page and you’ll also be entered for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate!  

To enter, like us on Facebook, fill out our short entry form and upload a picture of your pet. You’re also welcome to enter by tweeting a picture to @ASPCAPetIns with your pet’s name and the hashtag #PetPawty! 

The winner will be randomly selected. See the full official rules here.


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pets at the vet's office

World Veterinary Day is this Saturday, April 27, and we'd like to thank veterinarians for all their hard work. Unfortunately, veterinary visits have been declining during tougher economic times, and not all pets are getting the care they need. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the vet and your pet.

1. Avoid putting off a call or visit.
Veterinarians report seeing pets when they're three days sicker these days.+ That waiting time can make a pet's condition more difficult to treat.

2. Don't rely on "Dr. Google."
The Internet can be useful, but it shouldn't be a substitute for your vet. An exam by a doctor who knows your pet's history can mean more accurate treatment and a better prognosis.

3. Have a backup plan.
Know where to go in case your pet gets hurt or sick after regular clinic hours. Our Veterinary Locator tool can help you find emergency clinics in your area.

Remember, your plan covers visits to any licensed veterinarian in the US or Canada, including emergency clinics as well as specialists.


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dog with metal chain holding newspaper in mouth

It’s difficult to think about, but who would take care of your pet if something happened to you?

Choosing to leave funds for the care of your pet after you pass is a personal decision. You can put your pet in your will or set funds aside for the person you have chosen to care for your furry companion.
Our friends at the ASPCA® have some helpful advice you should keep in mind when making your decision. 

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