Empty 2.5-pound Bag of Raisins Signals Start of Puppy’s Emergency

Sonya V., of Worchester, Mass.,* returned home one morning after an exercise class to find an empty 2.5-pound bag of raisins on the floor. Immediately, she knew her puppy was in trouble.

“My dog, Amigo, had a rough beginning, so he’s a little food-obsessed,” Sonya told us recently. “We’re careful, but sometimes he gets his paws on things he shouldn’t, like the bag of raisins.”

She immediately called the ASPCA®’s Animal Poison Control Center at her veterinarian’s recommendation. The APCC’s specialists had Sonya rush Amigo to her veterinarian with a protocol ready for his treatment.

“I understand now that it was a serious emergency and if I hadn't acted quickly, Amigo most likely would’ve died from kidney failure,” Sonya told us. “I’m glad I wasn't gone too long, so he didn't have time to digest most of the raisins.”

Luckily Amigo survived, although he was in the hospital for three days.

“I’m so thankful to have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance because this raisin ordeal was very expensive,” Sonya said. “Before Amigo, I never considered pet insurance and ended up spending thousands of dollars on my cat’s medical care. So when I got Amigo, I just knew that this little guy needed insurance.”

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