A Pet Parent Asks:
I am thinking about upgrading my policy from a Level 3 to a Level 4. What additional benefits can I expect?

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Answers:
Similar to Level 3, Level 4 covers treatments for accidents, illness and essential wellness care, such as:
•  Prescription medications
•  Diagnostic procedures
•  Lab tests
•  X-rays
•  Surgery
•  Hospitalization
•  Spaying / neutering
•  Annual physical exam
•  Coronavirus vaccine
•  Rabies vaccine
•  Canine and feline distemper combo vaccine
•  Fecal test
•  Heartworm test

Level 4 then adds deluxe wellness care, which covers many more preventive treatments. Some of the additional items include:
•  Boosters for puppies and kittens
•  Lyme and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines
•  Feline infectious peritonitis vaccine
•  Feline Leukemia vaccines and test
•  Flea and heartworm preventive medication

Another big benefit of Level 4 is coverage for an annual dental cleaning. This is really helpful because preventive dental care is so important. In fact, the American Veterinary Dental Society estimates that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3.

Learn more about all of our levels.

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Hartville Group News & Info


Aquadale Veterinary Clinic—located near our pet insurance office in Northeast Ohio, and where many of our employees take their pets for care—has an interesting distinction as the oldest veterinary clinic in Stark County and also the one-time home of its founder.

Dr. Earl Lindsay built and opened the clinic in 1955 after he graduated from Ohio State University. He used one half of the structure as a veterinary practice to treat large and small animals, and the other half as a home for him and his wife, as well as their two children.

Dr. Lindsay owned the practice for more than 40 years before he retired in 1995. He passed away in 2009.

“I had the honor of meeting Dr. Lindsay when I was younger, and he actually saved my dog’s life,” said Tiffany Kelly, Veterinary Assistant at Aquadale Veterinary Clinic. “He was a great man and an amazing veterinarian.”

The community thought highly of his talents as well. Since Dr. Lindsay accepted patients on a first-come, first-served basis, pet parents would patiently wait to make sure he could see their animals.

Dr. Kim Takacs, one of Aquadale’s three doctors, purchased the practice in 1999. She remodeled the space by adding a large treatment area and expanding the treatment facilities into the other half of the building.

Dr. Lindsay’s passion for taking care of the community’s pets lives on with programs like “½ Off Vaccines on Mondays.” Customers who schedule their pet’s appointment on a Monday receive a 50% discount on vaccines.

“Our clients find it helpful, especially when they have multiple pets due for vaccines,” Ms. Kelly told us. “In this time of economic uncertainty, people unfortunately have to make the decision between getting vaccines for their pets and putting food on the table. We want to eliminate that issue.”

For more information on Aquadale Veterinary Clinic, visit http://aquadaleveterinaryclinic.com/

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Veterinary Clinic Spotlight


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