ninja dog on dog couch

"Ninja is our 7-year-old, good natured, gentle, very friendly and intelligent Shar Pei. He is a treasured member of our family who has had several medical issues. In addition to health problems, including mast cell cancer, he has been bitten severely by unleashed dogs we have encountered on our walks over the years. The most recent health scare was a severe bacterial infection that nearly cost him his life. He had to be hospitalized and was critically ill for several weeks. At this time he is on the road to recovery, and I'm thankful for my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan for the rapid and helpful payment on our claim. I am always telling friends and family that it is an excellent pet insurance plan. Thank you, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance!" - Cheryl S., Miami, FL

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Customer Stories

photo of dog that ate wood

“I left Zeke alone, and he apparently heard something on the other side of the bedroom door. So he tried chewing through that door! He's 10 years old, and he has never done something like this before. It was not a solid wood door. When I got home, I found the first side had a large hole, and Zeke was working his way through to the other. He had wood chips and splinters on his head, in the skin of his muzzle, and on his mouth, tongue and feet. I was afraid that he had swallowed a large wood piece so I rushed him to the veterinarian. The vet removed all of the splinters and gave him some medication for the pain. I’m definitely a firm advocate of pet insurance, and I recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to others.” – Tessa K., Charleston, WV

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Customer Stories

“I took Alfalfa outside, and he jetted away to the same spot I thought I had seen a raccoon the day before. I rushed over to pull Alfalfa away, and he briefly got caught in a thorn bush and suffered a big scrape and cut. I took him to the emergency room, where he received treatment and antibiotics. Alfalfa is fine and doesn’t have a scar like I thought he would. He is my child, and I am so glad to have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for him!” – Rochelle D., Worcester, MA

Archie Dog ate cleaning wipes

"My dog, Archie, managed to open a package of 15 individually-wrapped cleaning wipes and ate all of them. After speaking with our veterinarian and animal poison control, we determined that the wipes were not poisonous. We took him to the veterinarian for an X-ray, though, to make sure there wasn’t a blockage. Previously, Archie had destroyed the packaging of three bottles of super glue. We now have our veterinarian and poison control on speed dial! I have always been so pleased with my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan and have had it for Archie since 2008." - Mary R., Hagerstown, MD

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Customer Stories

white dog happy and healthy after case of kidney stones

“My dog Scooter had always been healthy and active and never shown any signs of aches or pains. He also hadn’t shown any signs of pain before he suddenly started passing blood. The veterinarian said it was a case of kidney stones, and Scooter had to have emergency surgery. If the operation hadn’t been done right away, they said Scooter could have died. The operation was a success, and Scooter is back to his frisky self. The bill for his treatment was $1,300 and my ASCPA Pet Health Insurance plan paid a large portion, for which Scooter and I are very happy.”

-Allen D., Mesa, AZ

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Customer Stories

dog named Jack

“Jack was only a few weeks old when I bought ASPCA Pet Health insurance for him.  As a puppy, he got into everything, and I would get so worried. My husband lost his job, and costly vet bills would have been devastating. I know that if Jack ever needs to go to the veterinarian, my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan will help me get the care he needs. The representatives are wonderful and so informative, I know they care about each animal.  I highly recommend this insurance to everyone. You have insurance for yourself as a safety net, your beloved furry family member should have it, too.”

- Cameron S., Lancaster, PA

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Customer Stories

Jack Russell dog

"Our Jack Russell woke us up crying loudly in our living room. It scared us, and we knew something was wrong. We found Tammy lying in a pool of urine and blood, and we knew she was in trouble. We decided to take her to a pet emergency hospital for help. We knew the bill could be expensive, and we wondered how we where going to afford it.

A bell rang in my head that we were OK because we have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. A big weight was taken off our shoulders and our thoughts could now be focused on Tammy's health, not finances. Today Tammy is fine, and our family will have a Christmas because we had pet insurance. Thanks, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance."

-Brian S., Hoboken, NJ


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Customer Stories

chocolate labradoodle on a yellow background

“We would have spent a small fortune on our puppy Koby if we had not taken the advice of our veterinarian and purchased pet insurance. We are very happy with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and the security of knowing that he is covered for the unexpected, such as when he was stung by a bee and had to go to the hospital. Pet insurance is definitely worth the money.”

- Lana C., Oakland, CA


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Customer Stories


Dog running with pink ball in mouth

“I adopted Sheila soon after we had to put down our much loved Terrier because we could not afford the operation she required. I signed up for ASPCA Pet Health Insurance the day after we got Sheila. This past year she has had to have two operations for tumors. Thanks to this insurance, we will hopefully be playing fetch with her for a long time!”

- Martina F., Buffalo, NY

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Customer Stories


dog with turquoise dish

“Mimi got into a bag of deep-fried snacks and ate at least half the bag. She threw up all day, couldn't walk and drank very little water.  Without pet insurance, I may have not taken her to the doctor so soon But, because I can get a large percentage of my bill reimbursed, I don't hesitate to take her to the veterinarian. She is now back to being herself again.”

- Joy T., Toledo, OH


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