Dog sitting on grass

“There was a bowl of leftover Chinese takeout food on the counter that contained mostly onions. We do not know how Keaton got it off the counter, but we found the bowl empty and on the floor. We know onions are highly toxic, so we rushed him to the veterinary clinic. They induced vomiting, and out came a bowl-sized amount of onions.” -Tyler S., Elkridge, MD

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Customer Stories

Terrier mix looking over a wall

“I want to thank you so much for your honest business practices and caring attitude. It is rare to find both in the same place. You were compassionate and understanding about my dog’s passing as well as honest and forthright with your reimbursements.

I will keep you in mind always and, when we finally decide to welcome another pet into our home, we will certainly insure him or her with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Thank you again, you have outdone yourselves.” -Ginny R., Sacramento, CA

We'd love to hear if we've helped your pet. Share your story and it may be featured on our blog.

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Customer Stories

fluffy kitty with pretty eyes

“I just wanted to thank everyone behind ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for their sincerity and kindness after my kitty passed away last month. I received a phone call and a card in the mail, both of which are incredibly personal touches that I did not expect from an insurance company. Down the line, when I get another pet, I will definitely be purchasing an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan again. Thank you!” -Claudia D., Provo, UT

We'd love to hear if we've helped your pet. Share your story and it may be featured on our blog.

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Customer Stories

ninja dog on dog couch

"Ninja is our 7-year-old, good natured, gentle, very friendly and intelligent Shar Pei. He is a treasured member of our family who has had several medical issues. In addition to health problems, including mast cell cancer, he has been bitten severely by unleashed dogs we have encountered on our walks over the years. The most recent health scare was a severe bacterial infection that nearly cost him his life. He had to be hospitalized and was critically ill for several weeks. At this time he is on the road to recovery, and I'm thankful for my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan for the rapid and helpful payment on our claim. I am always telling friends and family that it is an excellent pet insurance plan. Thank you, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance!" - Cheryl S., Miami, FL

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Customer Stories

photo of dog that ate wood

“I left Zeke alone, and he apparently heard something on the other side of the bedroom door. So he tried chewing through that door! He's 10 years old, and he has never done something like this before. It was not a solid wood door. When I got home, I found the first side had a large hole, and Zeke was working his way through to the other. He had wood chips and splinters on his head, in the skin of his muzzle, and on his mouth, tongue and feet. I was afraid that he had swallowed a large wood piece so I rushed him to the veterinarian. The vet removed all of the splinters and gave him some medication for the pain. I’m definitely a firm advocate of pet insurance, and I recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to others.” – Tessa K., Charleston, WV

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Customer Stories

“I took Alfalfa outside, and he jetted away to the same spot I thought I had seen a raccoon the day before. I rushed over to pull Alfalfa away, and he briefly got caught in a thorn bush and suffered a big scrape and cut. I took him to the emergency room, where he received treatment and antibiotics. Alfalfa is fine and doesn’t have a scar like I thought he would. He is my child, and I am so glad to have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for him!” – Rochelle D., Worcester, MA

Archie Dog ate cleaning wipes

"My dog, Archie, managed to open a package of 15 individually-wrapped cleaning wipes and ate all of them. After speaking with our veterinarian and animal poison control, we determined that the wipes were not poisonous. We took him to the veterinarian for an X-ray, though, to make sure there wasn’t a blockage. Previously, Archie had destroyed the packaging of three bottles of super glue. We now have our veterinarian and poison control on speed dial! I have always been so pleased with my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan and have had it for Archie since 2008." - Mary R., Hagerstown, MD

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Customer Stories

kitten with a pink cast on front leg

Accidents can happen to our feline friends in the blink of an eye. When emergencies do occur, pet parents may find it difficult to make rational decisions. That’s why it’s so important to have a plan in place before emergencies occur. 

To get started, ask your veterinarian’s advice on creating a plan. Be sure to find the closest animal hospital that provides emergency care and make sure you have your veterinarian’s phone number handy.

Another number to keep close is ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center at (888)426-4435. They are available24/7 if you suspect your pet has ingested something hazardous.

Check out this article from our friends at the ASPCA® to learn more about emergency care for your feline friend, such as first aid tips and signs that your cat needs emergency help. 

Remember, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans cover visits to any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. and Canada, including emergency clinics.

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Pet Health Insurance Headlines

Gizmo the Welsh Collie sits on a bale of hay

“My dog began bleeding from the nose during the night and I had to rush her to the emergency clinic to save her life. The cost of the emergency treatment was high, but Gizmo's ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan paid a large chunk of the cost. It is very reassuring to know that no matter what time of day my pet needs emergency care, my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan can help defray the costs.”

- Jodi P., Dallas, TX


Photo Friday is a weekly column that showcases photos we receive from loving ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers of their pets. If you want to see your pet featured, please email me!

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Customer Stories

black cat with happy new year hat

Lose weight.  Eat more broccoli. Clean the basement. Every year, we make resolutions that we often don’t keep. This year, why not try something different and make a resolution to keep your pet happy and healthy with these tips from Pet 360? Some of the tips include:

• Schedule Regular Veterinary Visits – Annual checkups are important to keep on top of your pet’s health needs as they grow and age. Make sure you get your pet the wellness care your veterinarian  recommends.

• Watch Your Pet’s Weight – When kept at their ideal body weight, pets live longer, healthier lives. They are also at a lower risk for various conditions associated with being overweight.

• Keep An Eye Out For Potential Hazards – It is important to pet-proof your home, as pets can get into all types of accidents indoors. Keep poisons, medications and other unsafe items out of your pet’s reach.

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