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November is the ASPCA’s Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month!

If you’re thinking about adding a furry member to your family, consider a senior dog or cat. Here are a few (of the many!) reasons why, from our friends at the ASPCA:

Reason #1: Match personalities.
Dogs and cats in their golden years have fully developed personalities, which makes it easy to determine whether they’ll mesh with your household’s current inhabitants.

Reason #2: Skip stressful housetraining.
Unlike kittens that sleep or play in their litter boxes, older cats only use it for its intended purpose and are more fastidious about grooming afterward. Likewise, older dogs often know how to ask to be let outside and are less likely to have an accident.

Reason #3: Keep household items protected.
Senior pets have calmer temperaments and are less destructive around the house. They’ve been around long enough to learn the difference between what is, and what isn’t, acceptable to chew, shred or bury in the backyard.

Reason #4: Gain an instant cuddle buddy.
While a young dog or cat’s high energy levels demand lots of activity and exercise, senior pets often prefer cuddling with their pet parents. Although playtime is still a must, the best part of the day is naptime, and they're often more than willing to share the experience.

Reason #5: Save a life!
While older dogs and cats still have plenty of love to give, they are often overlooked in favor of puppies or kittens. Check with your local shelter as many waive adoption fees for pets in their golden years.

Additionally, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance wants to help keep your new senior companion healthy and happy. That is why we offer coverage for older pets.

For initial enrollment in Levels 2, 3 and 4, we accept dogs age 12 and under and cats age 14 and under. That only applies to initial enrollment—we’ll never cancel your pet’s coverage because of age.  All pets at least 8 weeks old are eligible for Level 1 accident-only coverage.

For more information about our coverage, please call 1-866-861-9092.

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