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Following up our post about dogs and snoring, we thought we’d discuss cats who saw logs in their sleep.

According to VetInfo, cats sometimes snore as they experience different levels of sleep just like humans. But some causes of snoring may signal another health problem and require veterinary care.

If you have questions about your feline’s snoring, it’s best to check with your veterinarian to make sure everything’s OK.

Some common causes of cat snoring, according to Pets4Home, include:

Allergies to spores, pollen or other triggers of sensitivity
Normal coughs, colds and snuffles
An upper respiratory tract infection
A foreign body lodged in the back of the throat, such as a blade of grass, a polyp or tumor growing within the nasal passages or throat
Feline asthma, or a narrowing of the airways of the lungs that can cause snoring and other respiratory symptoms
Feline obesity, leading to a partial obstruction of the airways when your cat is asleep 


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