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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some different ways to “go green” for healthier pets and a cleaner environment.

•  Quench your pet’s thirst with filtered tap water rather than bottled water. If you do use a bottle, recycle it.

•  Use biodegradable bags instead of plastic ones as doggie pooper scoopers. For cats, choose earth-friendly litters and avoid brands with mined minerals.

•  Go with environmentally safe pet shampoos and grooming products when you can.

•  Cut back in simple ways, like walking to the park instead of driving or cleaning up with rags instead of paper products.

•  Try your hand at making your own healthy pet treats and store them in a reusable container.

•  Buy large size pet supplies, so you’ll make fewer trips to the store and have less packaging to throw away.

Also, if you’re signed up for our “Go Paperless” option, you’re helping the environment by getting your plan and available communications online rather than by mail.

If you haven’t signed up for paperless, you can do so anytime at the Member Center.

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