Dog Insurance Blog - The Physics Behind a Dog’s Shake Can Better Dry Clothes

Did you know that the physics behind dogs shedding water off their bodies may be able to improve our household appliances?

According to a recent article on MSNBC, a group of researchers are in the initial stages of studying the “dog shaking” model with the hopes of applying the same principles to drying clothes.

The experts used a combination of high-speed videography and X-ray cinematography to capture what actually happens to the animal’s body when shaking.

They found that the shake actually starts at the animal’s head, then travels down the body to the tip of the tail with a wave of energy. While the body can shake at the same frequency as the skin, it cannot rotate as much. So the skin actually twists around the body at a faster speed in order to shed the water off.

For animals in the wild, shaking dry is critical to survival by maintaining proper body temperature. Our pets, however, simply do it instinctively.

I’ve certainly had some clean clothes ruined by a shaking dog over the years, so I’ll take these findings as dogs making it up to us!

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