When you make your holiday wish list and check it twice this year, will you be adding the Puppy Tweets dog tag to it?

Topping the collection of hottest gifts for 2010, this device from Mattel allows pet parents to monitor what their best friend is doing at home via Twitter.

Does this mean your dog is actually tweeting? Well, not exactly.

Puppy Tweets is a plastic tag that you add to your dog’s collar. Based on your pooch’s activity, the tag transmits signals to a corresponding USB drive that you plug into your computer. One of 500 entertaining tweets will be automatically triggered based on your dog’s current activity. The message will then appear on the Twitter feed you create specifically for your pet.  

For instance, if your puppy was sleeping, you might see: “Had a wonderful dream about you. You were bringing me snacks!” Or if he’s playing: "Uh oh! It's getting late and I haven't finished scattering my toys all over the room for you to trip over when you get home."

From the recent article in the news, as well as a bunch of online reviews, it seems the verdict is still out on whether pet parents like this product. If she had her say, I’m sure my cat Millie’s repertoire would be pretty limited: “I want to be fed now!” and “Quit bugging me! I’m trying to sleep.”

What do you think your pets would tweet?

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