Here are a few pictures of Millie:

I’m always looking for fun new games to play with my cat, Millie. So when I read about the Muffin Tin Game for felines on one of my favorite blogs, Pet Connection, I knew I had to try it with her!

Here’s how the game works:

1. Select a muffin tin from your cupboard.

2. Place your cat’s favorite treat in each compartment.

3. Cover each hole with a fun toy.

4. Place the muffin tin on the floor and watch your kitty explore!

The verdict? Millie loved it and had fun finding her treats. While she needed a little encouragement in the beginning, it didn’t take long before she was batting toys out of the holes by herself and gobbling up her treats!

The Muffin Tin Game is easily adaptable for dogs as well! Instead of placing a toy over each compartment, use a tennis ball. Learn how to play the Muffin Tin Game with your dogs.

Do you have a fun game that you play with your dog or cat? Tell us about it!

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4/8/2011 8:37:28 PM #


Millie looks like she's having fun! What a smart cookie.

Emily United States |

6/7/2014 12:27:49 AM #


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