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Pudgy can be cute, but for felines, having a little more to love can bring the potential for certain health risks due to obesity.

There are a number of causes for feline obesity, and many times a simple shift in feeding routine or an increase in exercise can help solve the problem. If you have a chubby kitty, check out this quick overview from our friends at the ASPCA®. It reviews the causes of feline obesity and how you and your cat can work together to slim down. 

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my problem is that my fat cat is on a really annoyingly restricted diet because he's allergic to everything.  He was previously eating a low-calorie prescription food which he can no longer eat.  The new prescription food which does not cause skin lesions, has made him balloon up.  I am feeding him 250 calories a day which I hesitate to cut back on.  Don't know what to do.  I think stewie is just going to be Garfield fat for the rest of time.

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