Pet Insurance that
makes a difference!

Cat Insurance

Cats are famously nonchalant and independent—and that means they often mask their symptoms. Our cat insurance helps you keep your cat purring.

Dog Insurance

Dogs are curious, playful and perky—and those traits we love can also lead to accidents. Our dog insurance helps you give your pup the best care possible.

What does pet insurance cover?

We try to keep our pets safe and healthy, but costly accidents and illnesses can happen suddenly. When they do, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance helps you afford the care your pet needs. You’ll get reimbursed 90% of usual and customary covered charges after a low $100 annual deductible. Plus, you can visit any licensed veterinarian—even emergency clinics and specialists!

What does pet insurance cost?

With 4 increasing levels, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has a range of affordable choices that you can customize to suit your budget. You can also save 10% on eligible multiple pets!*

How do I compare pet insurance plans?

If you’re shopping for pet insurance, read these 5 questions first to find the right plan and provider for you.

How is the ASPCA® involved?

As the ASPCA's only strategic partner for pet insurance, Hartville developed ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to help pet parents avoid tough financial decisions about their pets’ health.

* Applies to the base plan premium.

Our 3 dogs are so precious to us. That’s why we only trust ASPCA Pet Health Insurance with their health coverage needs. It’s comforting to know you have our backs!

~Ann L.

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