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What causes dog deafness?
Hearing issues can be caused temporarily by wax buildup or other obstructions in the ear canal. Injuries, ear infections and other illnesses can result in permanent deafness. 

Which dogs are more prone to deafness?
Some breeds, like Poodles, have narrow ear canals that make them more susceptible to wax buildup. Breeds with furry ears, such as Cocker Spaniels, can be more likely suffer from hair and wax blockages. Deafness can also be an inherited problem, which is common in Dalmatians.

How can it be treated?
If your dog’s deafness is caused by wax or hair buildup, your veterinarian should be able to clean the ears and restore hearing. Ear infections can be treated with medication. Permanent hearing loss can’t be reversed, but deaf dogs can learn to respond to hand signals and have good quality of life.

How can I prevent it?
You can help avoid hair and wax blockages by keeping the fur around your dog’s ears trimmed and clean. Be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately if you suspect an ear infection. You should also take your dog to the veterinarian annually for a full wellness exam, including an ear check-up. 

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