July 2013

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Sweating Out The Summer

We all know it's dangerous to keep a pet in the car, but even every day activities can be risky for pets when it's hot out. Since pets can't sweat like people do, they can be more susceptible to heat-related issues.

For instance, we recently saw a claim for an English Bulldog who suffered from heat stroke – just while he was resting in the shade. He was in the animal hospital for two days, and the veterinary bill was more than $1,200. In another claim, a Black Lab suffered from heat stroke after joining his parent on a hot day's jog.

What are the symptoms?

Excessive panting and a bright red tongue can be initial signs of heat stroke. Other symptoms can include restlessness, agitation, drooling and lethargy.

What should you do?

Take your pet out of the heat and into a shady or air conditioned place. Offer water, and try cooling your pet with a wet towel. Contact your veterinarian immediately.

Which pets are at risk?

All pets are at risk – even indoor cats, especially if they don't have access to air conditioning. Some pets, like those with health issues or dogs with short muzzles, may be at higher risk. Ask your veterinarian about your pet specifically.

Hopefully, your pet will keep cool this summer. But if your furry friend does have trouble in the heat, your accident coverage can help you manage the costs of care.

Next Month

What's on deck for August?

Some of our office pets would like to introduce themselves to you in a fun game! Also, look for interesting facts about hard-working assistance dogs.

Recently Fetched

Why's Bubba so happy? Because he and his pet mom Melinda N. won our Warm Weather Sweepstakes last month on Facebook. We'd love to see your pet's best grin. Share a photo with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter!

Pet Speak: A Customer's Story*

“My dog Molly was a year old when I came home to find a chewed up container on the floor. It used to contain five fishing flies, but I only found two. I immediately called my awesome vet.

I told him what happened, and he said bring her in for X-rays. And there they were, three flies in her belly. He gave me a mixture to feed her and after a week, the flies had passed.

Thanks to my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan for making this emergency manageable!”

— David H., Boulder, CO

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Get set for summer travel.

Are you hitting the road with your pet? These tips can help you prepare.

  • Make sure your pet is healthy
    An annual check-up can help detect health issues and avoid the stress of having a sick pet away from home.

  • Get a pet first-aid kit
    Pack pet medical essentials, like antibiotic ointment and gauze, for your trip. You can also buy a kit from our friends at the ASPCA®.

  • Have a plan
    Do you know where to go in an emergency? Check with your vet or use our veterinary locator to find a nearby clinic before you leave.

If you have trouble on the road, remember that you can visit any licensed veterinarian in the US or Canada with your plan.

Pets on the Go

We asked our Facebook fans about the last big trip they took with their pets, and their furry friends went on some fun getaways!

For instance, one cat tagged along for a flight from Oregon to Hawaii and then to France for a spa date. Others accompanied their pet parents up the coast of New England, across the Midwest and up through the heights of Colorado.

Does your pet like to travel? Share a picture and their story with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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