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June 2013

Pet Health Matters - Monthly Pet News from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
June is Adoopt a Shelter Cat month

To celebrate, we've got a cat-tastic sweepstakes!
Tell us why you love cats and enter for your chance to win a FroliCat Bolt for your favorite feline or Huck 'Em Floats for your K9 friend from the ASPCA® Online Store.

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Sweepstakes ends June 26, 2013. No purchase necessary. See official rules.

Play cat health detective.

Notoriously independent, cats may hide or mask symptoms of injury or illness, but these clues can help detect a health problem with your kitty.


Clue: Weight change

Unexplained weight loss or weight gain can be an indicator that something isn't right with your cat.


Clue: Messy coat

Cats may stop taking care of their fur if they're unwell. Over-grooming can also be a cause for concern.


Clue: Eye and ear issues

Check ears for inflammation or discoloration, and peek at the eyes. Pupils should be the same size with no cloudy film.


Clue: Mouth trouble

Cat breath may not be sweet, but it shouldn't smell terrible. Discolored gums can also be a sign of sickness.


Clue: Behavioral problems

Changes in behavior, like sudden irritability or litter box problems, can mean an illness is bothering your furry friend.

Of course, if you have any suspicion your cat isn't feeling right, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.


Look for summer travel and heat safety tips for your pet next month!


Recently Fetched

Forrest is fully prepared for the dog days of summer. Share your pet's summer photos on our Facebook page!

Pet Speak: A Customer's Story*

“I got home from vacation and noticed my cat, Sammy, was not himself. I thought he was just upset because I'd been gone, but then noticed blood near his litter box. Long story short, Sammy had a blockage in his urinary system.

Sammy needed surgery that cost about $2,000. My ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan covered a big part of that bill. What a lifesaver for me, but most of all for my Sammy. Thanks for making it easier for us animal lovers to take care of the pets we love!”

— Christie B., Baltimore, MD

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Is your dog a graduate?

If your canine hasn't earned a diploma from obedience school, you may be looking for some training help. In that case, there are a few options you can consider:

  • Group Sessions
    Training in a small group can be great for teaching basic skills and socializing puppies.

  • Private Lessons
    If your pet has a specific issue, one-on-one time with a pro may be the way to go.

  • Board-and-Train
    Don't have time to devote to your dog's training? This may be a good choice for you.

Talk to your veterinarian about specific training recommendations for your dog. Our friends at the ASPCA® also have more advice at their website.

Happy Father's Day!

Daddy pet parents deserve to be celebrated, too! Spend some quality time with your pet this Father's Day — take an extra long walk, share a pet-safe treat, or cuddle up and watch a movie. (The Adventures of Milo and Otis, perhaps?)

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