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How to Afford Veterinary Care with Cat Insurance

Cat Insurance 101

Soft purrs, loving head butts, energetic games with laser pointers--there are so many reasons why we love cats! While they make wonderful companions, cats don’t always land on their feet, and it can be hard to keep them safe all the time. When accidents and illnesses happen, pet cat insurance can help you manage the veterinary bills. Read a list of some of the most common accidents and illnesses for cats.

It’s important to protect these furry family members with cat insurance, even if they’re strictly indoor kitties. As much as we try to keep them safe, cats might accidently trip and fall, get out of the house and into trouble or eat something they shouldn’t, like dental floss. They can also suffer from unexpected health issues as common as stomach upset to more serious problems like kidney disease.

More sophisticated veterinary treatments are available for cats to help them recover from even challenging health conditions. But the costs for these treatments and quality care overall continue to rise. In fact, in 2010 US pet parents spent more than $13 billion on veterinary care—up 40% from 2006!* Having a cat health insurance plan can help you afford these treatment costs.*

We have 4 increasing levels of pet cat insurance coverage that can include treatments and medications related to accidents and illnesses. We also have two options for wellness care, like vaccines and yearly dental cleanings, you can add at a low cost help keep your cat purring for years to come. Plus, the best time to get cat insurance is when your feline is healthy, so you’ll be better prepared financially for the unexpected while getting help to afford preventive care to keep your cat in top shape.

We have a cat health insurance plan that’s right for you and your cat.

Keep in mind that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if no claims are covered, so you can enroll for cat insurance today without hesitation!

“I’m a pet parent to three cats. Without ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, it would be difficult to manage my veterinary bills. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is part of my pets’ healthcare team!”

Kristine T., Fargo, N.D.

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*American Pet Products Association, March 2011
Note: Reimbursement is subject to the terms and conditions of your plan. Identifying information has been changed.