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Reviews of Our Dog Insurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has helped many dog parents afford the veterinary care their furry friends needed. Here’s what some of our dog-loving customers have told us:

What not to eat

“The first time we took my puppy, Gracie, swimming at a nearby beach she must have eaten some sand while playing. None of us saw her do it, so we put her in the car and headed home. About halfway there, she began vomiting and drooling, so we rushed to the closest hospital. An X-ray showed a pocket of granules in her stomach that turned out to be sand. She was given fluids for dehydration and was better the next day. The bill for this emergency was $4,750! ASPCA Pet Health Insurance paid a large chunk of this completely unexpected expense, which was great!”

- Jasmine R., Monterey, Calif.

Because accidents happen

“My sweet little silky Terrier, Nibby, was being her playful self when she jumped off the couch. The next thing I knew she was in pain and could barely get around. Then came the news of a $1,400 surgery to fix her injured leg. Your dog insurance covered much of the cost of her care, and just a couple of months later she is back to her spunky self running around and barking at everything that moves.”

- Steve M., Baton Rouge, La.

Critical care for a doggie hero

“When my service dog, Rosey, became ill, I immediately took her to the veterinarian. I didn’t wait because I have excellent coverage with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Rosey was diagnosed with a stomach virus, given some medication, and sent home. But later on she got even more sick--and my veterinarian’s office was closed! At 3 a.m., she started passing blood, so I immediately took her to an emergency clinic. She wound up in doggie intensive care for three days. I was told that if I hadn't brought her in when I did, it could have been too late to save her.

When this emergency came up, I didn’t hesitate to get Rosey proper care. With ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, I know I’ll have help paying the bills. Rosey isn't only my pet, she's my ears. Without her, life would not be as pleasant. Many thanks to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for helping us always! It’s dog insurance I know I can depend on.”

- Emily J., White Plains, N.Y.

A puppy’s accident

“Our 9-month-old puppy, Cassie, somehow ate some really strong glue. At the veterinarian’s, they told us what they’d have to do—X-rays, blood work and surgery—and they told us the costs for all these services. We would have done anything for our little girl at that point. Our veterinarian removed a softball-sized ball of glue from Cassie’s stomach during the surgery.

Fortunately, I had signed up both of our dogs with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance several months before this accident. The little amount we’ve spent since then on the monthly premiums is nothing compared to the relief I felt today when I opened my mail and saw the amount I was getting reimbursed for this claim.

This experience has been one of the best I’ve ever encountered with any type of company. It was quick and easy to submit the claims, and the online Member Center is very informative. And best of all, our pup is back—healthy and spunky as ever!
Thank you for the great services you provide!”

- Isobel S., Modesto, CA

An ounce of prevention

“It was love at first sight when I met Sonny at my local animal shelter 9 years ago. He instantly became part of my family, and I knew I had to get him the best dog insurance out there. When you adopt a rescue dog, you take on an unknown responsibility when it comes to his or her health. Your dog insurance allows me to choose the best treatment for Sonny without cost being a factor.

I can get him routine care, such as vaccines, physical exams, heartworm testing and monthly preventive medication, without financial worries. As Sonny grows older, I have the comfort and ability to give him a longer healthier life--and more time with me!”

- Marie C., Cincinnati, OH

We have the plan that’s right for you and your dog.

Keep in mind that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if no claims are covered, so you can enroll your dog today without hesitation!

While the above testimonials may include examples of recent claim payouts, reimbursement is subject to the terms and conditions of your plan. Identifying information has been changed.