Your Pet Ate What?

From rocks to TV remotes, pets swallow some unusual things. Don’t wait until something happens to your pet, and you’re faced with expensive veterinary bills without financial support. Sign up today to enjoy the benefits of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

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Top 10 Strange Swallowed Objects

It’s astounding what our pets put in their mouths!
Here are 10 of the strangest we’ve seen:

  • 1. TV Remote
  • 2. Corn Dog Stick
  • 3. Tank Top
  • 4. Whiffle Ball
  • 5. Dish Rag
  •  6. Bar of Soap
  •  7. Quarters
  •  8. Rocks
  •  9. Peach Pit
  • 10. A Welcome Mat

“When my puppy swallowed strong glue, I was relieved to have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance help cover the costs of surgery. The amount we’ve spent on premiums is nothing compared to the big relief I felt when I saw the amount we were reimbursed. And, best of all, we have our puppy back, as healthy as ever!”

Isobel S., Harrisburg, PA