Pet insurance plans can have different types of limits, so it's important to know how they may affect your reimbursements.

All ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans have an incident limit that increases by the plan level you choose. Level 3, for example, has a $5,000 incident limit. That means you'll be reimbursed for covered treatments up to $5,000 for each accident and illness. There's no limit to the number of accidents or illnesses that can be covered in a year.

If there's a maximum payout cap on the total reimbursement allowed for a year, it could limit the number of conditions that may be covered. Many of our customers who file a claim experience three or more incidents in a year,+ so this can make a big difference.

Here’s an example: Lakita is an 11-year-old Siberian Husky dog who suffered a few illnesses in one year.

Incident Limits
Limit to Total Annual Payouts
Plan: Level 3 Plan: Custom
Deductible Option
Required for Comparable Plan Cost
$5,000 Incident Limit $5,000 Annual Limit
Condition Illness 1 Illness 2 Illness 3 Illness 1 Illness 2 Illness 3
Total Treatment costs $7,781 $3,741 $6,066 $7,780 $3,741 $6,066
Deductible $100
per year
$0 $0 $100
per year
$0 $0
Potential payout**
$5,000 $2,634 $4,091
based on 90% of usual and customary
covered costs, up to $5,000 per incident
$5,000 0 0
based on 90% of vet bill,
up to $5,000 per year
Total Potential Payout for 3 Illnesses $11,725 $5,000