Pet insurance plans come with either an annual deductible or an incident deductible. It may seem like a minor difference, but it can have a huge impact on your reimbursements!

An annual deductible only needs to be met once a plan year, no matter how many accidents or illnesses your pet experiences. An incident deductible starts over at each injury or illness, and that can really add up. After all, nearly 40% of our customers who file a claim experience three or more incidents in a year.+

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans have an annual deductible that can be customized to fit your needs.

Here’s an example: Sam is a 7-year-old dog who got hurt twice in a year

Annual Deductible
Incident Deductible
Monthly Cost $42.11 $42.17
Deductible Option
Required for Comparable Plan Cost
$100 per year $820 per incident
  Injury 1 Injury 2 Injury 1 Injury 2
Total Treatment costs $3,257 $3,423 $3,257 $3,423
Excluded Exam Fees $0 $0 $30 $128
Deductible $100
per year
$0 $820
per incident
Potential payout after deductible** $2,643 $2,886 $2,166 $2,228
  based on 90% of usual
and customary covered charges
based on 90% of vet bill minus exam fees
Total Reimbursement for 2 Injuries $5,529 $4,394