Like VPI, we have a lot of experience offering pet insurance. In fact, we're the second oldest pet insurance provider in the US behind VPI.

However, we're the first to not use a benefit schedule to determine reimbursements as VPI has done throughout its history. Every provider to enter the market after us has followed our lead and not used a benefit schedule. A benefit schedule sets a fixed payout amount per diagnosis, and the amount doesn't change for individual pets' treatment circumstances or geographic costs. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance reimbursements are based on the actual treatments performed, not the diagnosis.

View a claim example to see how this works.

Example Monthly Cost**
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Level 2:
Medical Plan:
Reimbursement Choice of 90%, 80% or 70% of
usual and customary covered costs
Fixed benefit schedule amount
Type of Deductible Annual Annual
Illness Waiting Period 30 Days 14 Days
Accident Waiting Period None 1 Day
Hereditary and Congenital Coverage Both hereditary and congenital
conditions are covered on two plans.
Hereditary conditions are covered on one plan. No coverage available for congenital conditions.
Alternative Therapy Coverage Available Available
Behavioral Coverage Available Not Available
Coverage for Chronic Conditions All levels come with Continuing Care to cover chronic conditions for eligible pets. Included, according to the
terms of the base plan
Multiple Pet Discount 10% for each additional pet 5% for second and third pet;
10% for fourth and subsequent
Age Limits for Illness Coverage Enrollment

This is the age at which illness coverage is no longer available for new enrollments. Typically, a pet's plan won't be cancelled because of age.

Dogs: 13
Cats: 15
Dogs: 10
Cats: 10
Accident-Only Plan Available for All Pets Yes Yes
Wellness Coverage Available Available
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 10 days
Experience The agency that provides ASPCA Pet Health Insurance was founded in 1997. VPI started selling plans in the US in 1982.
Better Business Bureau Rating A+ A+