Talking Money with Veterinary Clients:
Solution-based Strategies & Tactics

This continuing education course is designed to help veterinarians, veterinary technicians and practice staff talk to clients about money in ways that can benefit their pets and the veterinary practice.

During the course, you will gain a deeper understanding of how pet owners are spending money on their pets as well as other trends affecting the veterinary industry. You’ll also learn about solution-based strategies and tactics to address financial issues with clients that can help your practice thrive.

This course is appropriate for all members of the veterinary team.

RACE Approved - 1.5 Hour Online CE Course

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Making the Best Care for Pets Affordable

Advances in veterinary care help us take better care of our pets. However, these new services can be costly, and they’re an out-of-pocket expense for pet owners. The cost of care often becomes the deciding factor in whether or not to follow a veterinarian’s recommendations. This course will teach you how you can help clients say yes to recommendations.

Pet Health Insurance – Separating the Facts from Fiction

Dr. Mary Beth Leininger shares information from a recent survey by NAPHIA (North American Pet Health Insurance Association) regarding the attitudes of pet owners and veterinarians toward pet health insurance. The survey also dispels some of the common misconceptions about pet insurance. After taking this course, you’ll know more about managing the cost of health care for pets.

These courses are appropriate for all members of the veterinary team.

Both Courses = RACE Approved - 0.5 Hour Online CE Course

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Enhancing Hospital Performance with Pet Health Insurance

Why should Pet Health Insurance be your hospital’s top strategic priority?

This non-branded presentation will examine current literature regarding the impact of economic limitations on hospital culture, what clients want regarding financial discussions and how Pet Health Insurance can be a tool to meet their expectations. Included in this presentation will be recommendations for implementing pet health care in hospitals.

This course is recommended for all animal health care team members.

RACE Approved - .25 hour Online CE Course

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