Pet insurance is growing in popularity. More people are asking about it. And in tough economic times, more pet parents need it to be able to afford quality veterinary care. But what’s right for your clients?

Here are 5 questions to ask any pet insurance provider to help you learn about the best fit for your practice’s clients. If you’d like to learn more, contact our Veterinary Services Department today at 1-877-738-2677!

  1. How much does the plan cost?

    A pet insurance plan needs to give clients the right amount of coverage—and be affordable for their budget. Our entry level accident and illness plan on average costs more than 30% less than similar plans offered by other providers, and 65% less than the most expensive of these plans.+ If you hear promises of really high payouts elsewhere, look closely at the cost of the plan. Will clients need to raise their deductible a significant amount just to afford it? Even with our lower premiums, only about 0.5% of our customers even hit their plan’s incident limit.++

  2. What will affect your clients’ reimbursements?

    ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans reimburse 90% of eligible charges from the actual veterinary bill. Our reimbursements aren’t limited by a benefit schedule, which pays a fixed amount per diagnosis regardless of the treatments pets need. We also don’t exclude veterinarians’ exam fees. Since more than 60% of claims include this fee, this can have a big impact on clients’ payouts.+++ Finally, we don’t require a per incident deductible that would reduce the reimbursement for every single injury or illness. We have a low $100 annual deductible that only needs to be meet once per plan year, no matter how many incidents occur.

  3. Is wellness coverage available?

    Wellness care is an important way to keep clients in touch with your practice and help pets live a long and happy life. That’s why we have two options for wellness care clients can add to any plan. For little additional cost, pet parents can cover their pets for annual exams, spay/neuter, many vaccines and tests, an annual dental cleaning and flea and heartworm medication.

  4. What do you, the veterinarian, have to do?

    We know your first priority is your patients—not insurance paperwork. At times we may request medical records to help process a claim, but we do not ask you to sign or fill out a portion of our claim form. Our customers also can file claims as soon as they’ve been billed—at any point in the treatment process

  5. How much experience does the company have?

    Hartville Pet Insurance Group, one of the oldest and largest pet insurance providers in the US, provides ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. We have the experience and resources necessary to take great care of your clients and their pets. Plus, we’re the ASPCA®’s only strategic partner for pet insurance, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (2014).

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