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Do you want a comfy, cozy new bed for your best pal, but don’t want to spend too much money? This simple (no sewing involved!) idea may just meet your needs!


•  1-2 yds. of fleece material
•  2-4 lbs. Polyester Fiberfill
•  Scissors
•  Ruler/Measuring Tape


  1. Double-up material and measure desired bed size, adding 8 in. all around.
    Craft 1.jpg
  2. Cut 4 in. squares out at each corner and cut fringe 4 in. deep and 1 in. wide around all four sides.
    Craft 2.jpg
  3. Tie 3 sides together, strip-by-strip, using double-knots.
    Craft 3.jpg
  4. Fill with stuffing to desired firmness.
    Craft 4.jpg
  5. Tie-off remaining side and give to your favorite furry friend!
    Craft 5.jpg

A few fun ideas to personalize your pet bed include using different material for the top and bottom portions and substituting a cotton sheet if fleece material is too heavy. Also, check out non-skid, self-adhesive pads to attach to the bottom. These will keep the bed from sliding on wood or tile floor.

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