As you’re shopping around for pet insurance, it can help to hear the thoughts and opinions of real customers like Trista.

Two ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers pose with their dog in front of a brick wall

“I am so very thankful for ASPCA Pet Insurance. The first year we only needed it for routine care, we didn’t even reach our $250 deductible amount for it to reimburse. The second year though, I was VERY THANKFUL we had it.

We don’t have children, our dog is our family. She came down with a nasty UTI costing about $3500 over 4 months' time. Our total cost after meeting the $250 deductible was only 10%, so about $575 total. That $3000 difference was the DIFFERENCE between having to make a hard decision–go into debt, or surrender our dog so she could get proper treatment. Without ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, those would have been our options and neither was one I’d be able to forgive myself for.”*

- Trista of Twentynine Palms, CA

We’re also proud to have an “Excellent” rating based on over 2,000 customer reviews at TrustPilot and a high overall satisfaction rating at ConsumerAffairs. You can read through ASPCA Pet Insurance reviews here or go to our page at the TrustPilot or ConsumerAffairs websites to check out all reviews. If you’re currently a customer, you’re welcome to add your own TrustPilot or ConsumerAffairs review by clicking the “Write a review” link at their website.

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*The statement is attributable only to the person quoted and does not represent the opinion of ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance or any person or entity associated with ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance.