My Sick Puppy

My puppy suddenly started vomiting blood. We rushed her to the vet, and thankfully she was better the next day. Our ASPCA Pet Health Insurance claims were paid quickly. The nicest touch was the follow-up calls to see if my puppy was OK. It means so much to us that they cared enough to reach out!

Sylvia P.

A Tragic Reminder

My sister's beloved dog was hit by a car. My sister recounted how she carried her dog, wounded and bleeding to the veterinarian's office. It was a horrible experience, but she was grateful to have had pet insurance to help with the bills. That made me pause and realize that my two cats weren't insured.

Being Prepared

I have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for my 3 cats, and I couldn't be happier. They even called to check on my cat when she was diagnosed with cancer. I got pet insurance exactly for this type of catastrophic illness, and I'm so glad I chose ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. I recommend it to all of my friends.

Lori K.

A Better Pet Insurance Experience

I had a plan with another pet insurance company and had decided to switch to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. When I took my 9-year-old cat, Midnight, to the vet for dental work and a checkup, the vet discovered a growth on his belly.

True Customer Service

When my dog was sick, my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance claim was paid quickly, and they called to see how my dog was doing. They even followed up later to make sure we remembered to submit any other bills. That is customer service. I recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to everyone!

Susan P.

Why I Recommend ASPCA Pet Insurance

I’m not one to give praise often, but ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has been a wonderful experience. Absolutely no surprises. Everything was paid as expected and quicker than even my own health insurance provider.

Fantastic Customer Service

Recently both of my dogs were injured. I was very pleased with the quick claims turnaround and fantastic customer service. They guided me through the whole process, and I couldn’t have felt more appreciated as a customer. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance was the best decision I ever made!

Annabelle W.

Compassion During A Difficult Time

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and your compassion, attention to detail and response time. In February, I lost my job, and in May I sadly lost my young cat to cancer. Without my pet insurance, I would not have been able to give my cat a dignified and humane end.

Helpful & Friendly

I researched pet insurance for my dog, and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance was the best fit for me. I’ve been so pleased with it! Customer service is helpful, patient and friendly. My claims have been paid fairly and quickly. I’ll always have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for my pets!

Jane K.

My Sneaky Sock Eater

My husky, Glen, loves to eat socks and small toys. One day he got very sick, and we took him to the emergency animal hospital. He needed to have exploratory surgery to find out what was wrong.

Feeling Better With Pet Insurance

I have covered my Beagle, Scout, with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for the past 8 years. I recommend this pet insurance to anyone who has a pet. It was extremely helpful for me from the beginning.

My Cat’s Scary Injury

Pam, my indoor cat, and I live in an apartment with an alley in the back. Once Pam got out and ventured into the alley. Soon I heard a cat fight. I was so worried! Pam had been inside her whole life, I didn’t know if she would be able to defend herself