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The Protection Your Cat Needs

We admire cats for their independence. Our sassy feline friends do as they please and never let danger stop them. It’s as if cats think they really have nine lives, often eating things they shouldn’t, leaping from perilous heights, and darting out the door onto the busy street. And like us, cats can catch the flu or have a hereditary condition.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance’s Complete CoverageSM has the protection your cat needs when they’re hurt or sick.

also Available

Accident-Only Coverage

We also offer Accident-Only Coverage in case you’re just looking to have some cushion if your cat gets hurt.

Add on 

Preventive Care Coverage

For a little more per month, you can add coverage to your plan for things that help protect your cat from getting sick, like vaccines, dental cleanings, and screenings.

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We cover the most advanced treatments, like chemotherapy and surgery, and some you may not expect, such as stem cell therapy and acupuncture.

How pet insurance works
  • Visit any vet
  • Visit any vet, specialist, or emergency clinic you like & pay your bill.
  • Submit claims
  • Submit claims your way - online, by mail, or by fax.
  • Reimbursement from vet bills
  • Have reimbursements directly deposited into your bank account or mailed.

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A Tail for Further Example

Mitten the kitten was very excited about her newly-discovered jumping prowess and decided to show it off with a daring leap from the banister. She had a bad landing that resulted in a back leg fracture and a $4,500 vet bill.

After meeting their annual deductible of $250, Mitten’s parents received $3,825 for the bill, based on their reimbursement percentage of 90%.

Several months later, a recovered Mitten worked up an appetite romping around the house. She had her toy mouse as a snack, which lead to a $6,000 foreign object removal surgery. Since they already met their deductible, Mitten’s parents were reimbursed $5,400.

Not long after, Mitten caught an upper respiratory infection. The diagnosis and meds cost $500. Mitten’s parents received $450 for their claim, and Mitten was back to her usual mischief in no time.

Note: This is a fictional story based on treatment costs from common claims. The story is meant to demonstrate how reimbursement works with Complete CoverageSM.

What pet parents are saying

Here’s What Other Pet Parents Are Saying...

Excellent - I'd give them 6 stars if they let me.  Trust starts

I have had ASPCA pet health insurance now for several years on 3 of my cats. It is a great insurance and easy to work with. Filing claims is easy and fast and dealing with them on the phone is always a pleasure. You can use your own vet rates and rates are really good, plus they offer different level plans to suit your pets needs. I would and have highly recommended this insurance to others. Peace of mind is knowing when your pet is sick or injured that you can be reimbursed most of your claim and get your pet the medical attention they need with less stress from the financial burden.

Amazing!!!  Facebook comment

The service was both incredibly helpful and caring. I am counting my blessings that I chose this insurance! This was a tremendous help for my cat’s surgery!

Twitter Comment

Thanks to @ASPCAPetIns for paying the max allowed for Miko's surgery. She's healing, and so is my bank account.

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