kitten insurance

Coverage to pounce on.

  • Coverage for accidents, illnesses & more
  • Customizable plans for kittens eight weeks or older
  • No exam required before enrollment

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the right coverage for your kitten

Complete CoverageSM for Kittens

When your kitten has unexpected

  • Accidents

    Coverage for bite wounds, lacerations, lameness, swallowed objects, and more

  • Behavioral Issues

    Eligible diagnosis and treatments for behavioral problems with symptoms like destructive scratching

  • Hereditary Conditions

    Inherited illnesses such as kidney or heart disease

  • Illnesses

    Includes minor ailments to serious diseases, like cancer

Complete CoverageSM can cover

  • Diagnostics

    Think X-rays, MRI, blood tests, urinalysis, ultrasounds, etc.

  • Procedures

    Such as obtaining intravenous fluid, stitches, and surgery

  • Hospitalization

    Coverage when your cat needs to stay overnight

  • Prescriptions

    Get reimbursed for your kitten’s FDA-approved meds*

For a full list of covered conditions, view a sample plan.

Alternate & Add-On Plans

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why get coverage?

Kittens are curious, clumsy, and seemingly resilient. They explore new places, eat strange things, tumble around, and amuse us with their antics. But as cute as they are, kittens aren’t immune to getting sick or injured, and they may need medical care when that happens. Pet insurance can help you cover eligible vet bills and set your kitten up for a happy, healthy life.

FAQs frequently asked questions about our kitten insurance plans

Accidents or illnesses can happen to any cat at any life stage, but the best time to think about insurance for your new feline friend is when they are a kitten or young adult. Kittens need significant care while they grow. They’re more susceptible to some illnesses than adult cats because their immune systems are still developing, and since they have such an abundance of energy, they get into all kinds of trouble. This can mean multiple trips to the vet, often at a high cost. Pet insurance for your kitten reimburses you for covered veterinary expenses of accidents and illnesses so that you can focus on the care with less worry about the cost.

If you enroll your kitten in Complete CoverageSM, you can use your pet insurance to help manage eligible veterinary costs if they get hurt or sick. This plan also covers hereditary conditions, such as kidney or heart disease, and alternative therapies for covered conditions, like hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and stem cell treatments. Plus, it includes coverage for behavioral issues like destructive scratching, urination outside the litter box, and excessive vocalizing. Only looking for a little financial cushion for accidents? You can choose our Accident-Only plan if you just want to cover your kitten for injuries.

Yes! Kittens typically need multiple vet visits in their first year. Not only do they need more vet visits and routine services to be set up for a healthier, happier life, they’re also extremely curious, and energetic which can lead to more unexpected accidents or injuries.

Additionally, the cost to insure a kitten would typically be lower than if you wanted to insure an adult cat. This is because older pets tend to be at a higher risk for developing several health conditions, so it’s worth it to enroll your kitten in pet insurance before they potentially develop a pre-existing condition.

The cost of enrolling your kitten in a coverage plan is determined by several factors - age, breed, and zip code, as well as how you choose to customize your plan. You have the power to select your own annual limit, deductible, and reimbursement percentage, all of which play into your monthly premium. To get a tailor-made price for your kitten, get a free quote!

The best insurance plan for the health of your kitten depends on the level of coverage you need. If you’re looking for a robust plan that offers protection against accidents, illnesses, and much more, Complete CoverageSM may be the plan for you. If you’re just interested in covering unexpected accidents, or if you’re working with a tighter budget, check out Accident-Only, our lower-cost plan that reimburses you for emergency injuries and accidents only. Learn more about what pet insurance is and how it can help you and your kitten.

Preventive care coverage, our optional wellness add-on, covers routine wellness care that kittens need to stay healthy year-round, including essential vaccinations like Rabies, Bordetella, FeLV, and FVRCP vaccines. It also covers other important routine services such as spaying/neutering, deworming, dental cleanings, and annual exams. Routine care and annual exams can be especially important for cats, since they tend to hide or mask their symptoms when they’re sick or injured.

customize your plan to help fit your budget

  • Annual Limit

    Select a lower annual limit to pay a lower premium.

  • Annual Deductible

    Pick from $100, $250, and $500 annual deductible options.

  • Reimbursement Percentage

    Choose a higher reimbursement percentage for more cash back on covered conditions.

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getting reimbursed is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Visit

    Take your kitten to the veterinarian of your choice and pay them as usual.

  • Submit

    Use our app to submit a claim even before you leave the veterinary clinic.

  • Cash Back

    Receive reimbursement for eligible expenses by direct deposit or check.

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