Submitting a claim is a walk in the park when you use our app or the Member Center!

Option 1: Use the Free My Pet Insurance App

Submit a claim even before you leave your vet's office:

  1. Open the app and select Claims.
  2. Tell us what happened.
  3. Add a picture of your invoice.

That's it! We'll get your claim in seconds and can get right to work on it. You can also track claims, review benefits, and much more using the app.

Get the app now

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Option 2: Submit a Claim Online

Another quick and easy way to submit a claim is by visiting the Member Center. Just sign in, enter some info, and upload a photo of your invoice.

Option 3: Use Email, Fax, or Mail

The app and Member Center are the fastest way to get your claims going, but you can still submit them by email, fax, or mail. Just download a claim form and follow the instructions.

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What's Next?

You can track the status of a claim with the app or Member Center. We'll also email you when we get your claim, if we need anything else, and when it's done.

If you have direct deposit, we'll put your money right in the bank. Otherwise, we'll mail a check. Sign up for direct deposit at the Member Center.